Top 10 News Websites Suffer Traffic Declines While Times Of Israel And Al-Jazeera Show Impressive Growth, New Study Reveals

November 2023 was mostly a period of slump and decline for news websites from all over the world. The world’s leading online sources covering current affairs did poorly when compared to YoY stats from 2022.

The news comes to us thanks to a study conducted by the leading British Press Gazette. And we’re now looking at the titles below with the respective slump findings.

The list from least decline to most is published for better understanding below and they include the following:
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Daily Mail
  • Yahoo
  • BBC
  • New York Times
  • The Guardian
  • Google News
  • CNN
  • Fox News
  • MSN
But it’s not surprising to make a special mention that while the trend was mostly linked to a downward spiral in the world of news, there are two exceptions to the list that just cannot be ignored.

Considering the ongoing conflict in Gaza with both Israel and Palestine involved, two news websites shone above all, experiencing impressive growth during November 2023. They include The Times of Israel with 426% growth and Al-Jazeera with 69%.

They are said to have witnessed a great period of growth when compared to stats from 2022. And we’ve listed the breakdown for sites showing massive growth during the period.
  • Times of Israel
  • News Week
  • Al Jazeera
  • Live Mint
  • India Times
  • The Independent
  • Forbes
  • Hindustan Times
  • News 18
  • India Today
Many critics feel the massive slump arose due to Google updates and that could be the reason behind the slump. Since the start of September, the changes were launched by the search engine giant and entail useful content updates that many called out as more meaningful than what was seen during the same time last year.

One was related to an update in October while another arose the following month. There was even another review update in December. Therefore, those pages that emphasize more scale and are created with assistance from SEO explainer-themed content would be a part of those hit the hardest by the series of changes.

Seeing nearly all the news websites witness double-digit declines in terms of traffic, even though the news agenda continues to soar is certainly major news. A lot is happening in the world as the year comes to a close and the conflict in Gaza is just one prime example.

Times of Israel and Al Jazeera Outpace Peers in Growth Among Top 50 Newsbrands

November Sees Downturn in Traffic for Top 10 News Brands

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