TikTok is Set to Invest 12 Billion Euros to Start Working on European Data Centers

TikTok recently announced that it is going to invest a whopping 12 billion euros to win over European regulators. TikTok claims that it has established its own Norwegian data center and all of the TikTok data of Europeans is being regulated there. TikTok is the world’s top social media application that is being used and liked by millions of people. The app was launched by ByteDance in China in 2016. In the last few years, critics have been saying that TikTok shares its users’ data with the Chinese company but TikTok tried many times to convince law makers that the app isn’t completely bound to ByteDance. These reassurances didn’t work because a news broke that the Chinese employees of TikTok have access to data of USA and European users.

But TikTok is looking out for the concerns of its users. So, it has decided to launch Project Clover, which will open many data centers all over the Norwegian region to regulate and protect users' data. This project is partnered by Europe’s Digital Services Act (DSA) that will help TikTok control the data transmission in Europe. The 10 billion euro investment is for the next 10 years and TikTok will make 3 data centers from the investment money. A third-party security company called NCC Group will also help TikTok as the company will give audits on data and its transmission.

TikTok was kind of slow in shifting its data centers in Europe. When the first TikTok data center was built in Ireland in September, TikTok started to shift Europeans there as it was the most convenient at that time. Now, the European data in Ireland data center isn’t entirely shifted but the process is said to be complete in 2024. Second data center in Ireland has also been announced, followed by a third one in Norway (Hamar Region). The data center in Norway will operate on renewable energy sources entirely.

TikTok says that it has held over these 3 buildings entirely and the data transferring work of the European data center will get completed sometime in 2024. The European users will have their data transferred to their own European data centers. That will take away any doubt they have of their data getting to Chinese through TikTok headquarters.

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