Social Media's Future: Half of Users Eyeing Exit by 2025 Due to AI Concerns

A new study by Gartner shows that many users say that they are going to use less social media by 2025 because of the harm generative AI is bringing to user experience. Gartner says that one-third of people who participated in the research for this study say that they are not confident in using social media because of too much AI in brand perception. This makes them feel that brands are not showing them the real picture of their products. Other reasons why users came up with this decision is because there is a use of bots on social media and AI is also spreading misinformation and toxicity on social media platforms.

Emily Weiss, a researcher of this study by Gartner, says that even though social media is the top tool for branding and digital marketing, many users are sharing less personal content and their day-to-day activities on social media as compared to a few years ago. As the use of social media is changing, marketing officers should change their marketing strategies in accordance with their users. Harvard Business Review says that there is no denying that the use of generative AI, like ChatGPT, helps a lot in planning marketing strategies as it provides all the data that is needed for creating a well-done product.

About 72% of respondents who participated in this research believe that content made with AI can spread misinformation or incorrect facts. People also say that the perception that AI is better than humans is getting outdated. That's the reason many consumers are now looking for products that are not AI-based. Many brands are now prioritizing human content over AI-generated content. This means that businesses that will provide creative content to consumers will be in demand.

On the other hand, many consumers also believe that generative AI is increasing productivity and saving the cost of many services. When AI is used by creative teams, it helps them to think at high levels of creativity, and as a result, this creativity brings the best out of a business.

Another statistic by Gartner shows that 79% of users are ready to use AI-enhanced search within the next year. 70% of users agree that they trust the searches which are enhanced by generative AI. The marketing officers should already start preparing for the disruption generative AI in searches could bring to their brands. Marketers shouldn't only trust SEOs and start thinking about other ways too.

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