OpenAI Makes History As Its Iconic ChatGPT Declared The World’s Fastest Growing Consumer App

OpenAI has had a brilliant year and now it’s adding another accolade to its world-famous name. The tech giant was called out for its brilliant and iconic chatbot, which is unknown to none. And that’s because as we wrap up 2023, it's hailed for becoming the world’s fastest-growing household name for this year.

The news was confirmed by a leading business intelligence firm called Morning Consult in its latest "Fastest Growing Brands Report 2023" report.

The report enlisted some big names that really managed to get immense success this year and it was all based upon data that asked people if they were likely to purchase from a certain brand or not. Then the stats were compared for this year with those that took place in the previous one. And as per the results, consumer’s perceptions were in favor of OpenAI big time.

We’re all exposed to different brands daily but as per this report, there’s a huge share of users that are keen on using ChatGPT and are more than satisfied with the performance of the firm.

A whopping 1500 different brands took part in the study and it was amazing to see the responses generated so far. Plenty of adults hailing from the US were more than happy with ChatGPT and within a short period of its launch, it ended up surpassing the great popularity that had to do with TikTok.

Thus, it’s now hailed as the world’s fastest-growing consumer platform ever. Yes, it made massive history, and celebrations on this front are in full swing.

As per reports from Similarweb, we saw the app’s website get nearly 1.7 billion visits in last month alone and that’s a staggering 170% rise in traffic from that witnessed in February of this year and nearly six times greater than what was seen after the initial release.

So what exactly helped the chatbot get this immense success? Well, other than influencing a long list of chatbots it got plenty of attention in terms of how the world of AI continues to shape today’s modern tech world and the future of the human race. So many sectors are being impacted positively as it's now dubbed to be the most useful of them all, helping organizations carry out diligent tasks.

It similarly helps in terms of giving customers everything they are in search of. From creating fascinating content to helping health professionals, not to mention entertaining the masses.

The report in question didn’t just talk about the raving success among adults in the US but also as one of the world’s leading growing brands among the youth, Gen Z, X, and the millennials. And that’s a massive achievement when you can attract users from all age groups.

So far, it’s the baby boomers who are yet to be impacted but that day does not seem to be far, many experts claim. OpenAI is approaching a staggering valuation of nearly $90 billion as per the reports from Bloomberg as well as the WSJ.

The latest stats on this front mentioned how mobile apps topped the 110 million list for downloads too and brought in a staggering $30 million in revenue too! Now if that’s not what you call success, then we’re not quite sure what is.

For now, 2023 has ended up on a high but the company has major plans for 2024 anything is possible, especially after the whole Sam Altman fiasco that took center stage recently.

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