OpenAI Holds Ambitious Discussions To Raise Funding Exceeding $100 Billion

ChatGPT’s parent firm OpenAI is currently holding fresh discussions on the possible rise of funding at an estimated value of $100 billion and beyond.

The news was confirmed by media outlet Bloomberg who reported the event on Friday and cited the source as insiders familiar with the matter.

Both terms as well as valuation, not to mention the timeframe were all made a part of this discussion but they are yet to be confirmed and mentioned to the public. But the report added how even those could then change as they’re not in the finalization phase.

OpenAI is currently similarly holding new discussions having to do with an innovative chip venture. This would be based in Abu Dhabi as per the report. But for now, there are no clear details regarding the funding but an approximate estimation from the much-hyped G42 would lie between $8 to $10 billion.

The tech giant will reportedly fulfill a new tender offer that’s driven by Thrive Capital. This would reportedly take place during the start of next year and give the workforce the chance to be involved in the sales of shares at an approximate value of $86 billion as announced by the report.

Software giant Microsoft is yet to commit to making investments going above the $10 billion mark for OpenAI. The latter gave rise to the first peak in generative AI that was witnessed throughout November of 2022 after it launched ChatGPT.

Software giant Microsoft has confirmed recently how it has nothing to reveal after media outlet Reuters requested comments on the subject.

The popular AI tool ChatGPT can give rise to responses that are more human in nature, depending on which kinds of prompts are sent in its direction. This would assist with its popularity and fuel a staggering leap in value for the firm based in San Francisco.

The enterprise has already produced share sales worth $300 million which comes at an approximate estimation of $30 billion.

Meanwhile, just last month, the firm’s CEO did confirm how top investor Microsoft will reportedly take a back seat position on its board where it would not be allowed to vote and could only observe in silence.

That decision also came at a time when we saw tech giant OpenAI fire Sam Altman in the middle of November without unveiling any top-of-the-line cause. This gave rise to major alarm bells among both workers as well as investors. Soon after that, we saw him get reinstated after just four days and during that period, there were reports about a new board coming into play.

So as one can imagine, it’s been a dramatic year-end for OpenAI and that’s why seeing it get involved in a fresh round of discussions regarding new fundraising opportunities just goes to show how the ambitious firm has big plans for the new year.

Photo: DIW - AIgen

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