Meta Cancels Support For Cross-App Chats Between Instagram And Facebook Messenger Apps

Tech giant Meta has confirmed how it's ending support for all of its cross-app chats. That means users will no longer be able to carry out conversations taking place between Instagram and its Messenger.

The change is said to come with immediate effect and would therefore arise as early as the middle of this month. Hence, if you happened to be fond of cross-platform interactions, that will no longer be possible, Meta added in its blog post that was dubbed as a notice for the help center.

Furthermore, if any conversation has already taken place on the apps before the change begins, it would be read-only. So users will no longer be able to make calls or even receive them. At the same time, their activity will also no longer be up for public viewing.

If you’re worried about your conversations staying on the app, that will not be a problem as the company confirmed that no such thing as chat migration will take place to another platform as this change rolls out.

So users who have Instagram accounts and currently are engaged with contacts across Facebook shouldn’t worry as their conversation will not go anywhere and will remain on Instagram without chances for a Facebook transfer.

Meta first rolled out the exciting feature of cross-app communication in the year 2020 and then chose to expand it further to group chats in the following year. During that period, the firm argued how it would ensure connectivity so that users didn’t need to worry about which Meta platform to utilize when they wished to seek their contacts.
Now the question is why the tech giant has opted to bid something as useful as this farewell. Well, as per reports from tech media outlet 9to5Google, the goal is to provide assistance for the firm to comply with the stringent regulations of the EU that are currently in place, dubbed DMA.

This law forces big tech giants to be in line with its long list of requirements if interoperability amongst apps is desired.

Remember, for quite some time now we’ve seen Facebook’s parent firm as a true gatekeeper company that continues to be scrutinized under the DMA. However, experts are skeptical about whether or not putting an end to Instagram and Facebook Messenger interoperability will give rise to better chances of communication among apps. Perhaps it could be Meta’s strategy to focus less on its Messenger as mentioned by 9to5Google recently.

At the start of this year, we saw the tech giant mention how it was busy trying to test the chance for users to access their respective inboxes on the Facebook Messenger app through the Facebook platform. This is nearly a decade after we saw the company install Messenger as a separate entity to carry out their private conversations.

During that moment, Facebook’s head claimed the firm’s focus in the year 2023 would be more linked to AI and how to better monetize and give creators fair opportunities to engage and generate revenue.

Now, seeing Meta also roll out its Threads as an alternative for Twitter is another point worth mentioning but it lacks messaging options and leans more on integrating Instagram.

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