Elevate your 2024 travels with these savvy tech manners

Holiday season has finally arrived and many people are traveling to their homes to meet their loved ones. Everyone deserves a nice holiday but nowadays you need to be mindful of some travel rules or etiquettes when you are on the move.

When people prepare for the holiday, they often forget that there are some guidelines that need to be followed in this technology-centered world. This article is going to tell you about those etiquettes so you do not forget them when the time comes.

1- Keep Power Splitters with You

At airports and on airplanes and even on bus stops, power outlets are available to charge your devices during travel. However, there are hundreds of people who want to use them at the same time as you. Alternatively, you can keep a power splitter with you while traveling. It is an affordable device and you can also help other passengers in charging their devices on your splitter.

2- Keep the Brightness of Your Device Low

Screens can be entertaining for you but disruptive for other people who are trying to sleep. The only best way is to keep the brightness low or dim. Try to watch things that do not have a lot of color splashes. By being mindful of your screen habits, you can help create a peaceful journey for everyone onboard.

3- Do Not Forget the Headphones

If you have children with you, headphones should be a must for them. As kids tend to watch their favorite shows to calm down, the parents need to make them wear headphones so the sounds don’t disturb other around them. The World Health Organization recommends staying below 75 decibels for long periods.

4- Turn Off Your Alarms

Always remember that your alarm is only to wake you up - not the other people around you. Turn off all your schedule alarms when you are about to travel or staying as guest. If you really need it, switch it to vibrate mode. You can easily do so on your Android as well as Apple devices.

5- Be Mindful of People While Filming

When you are capturing your reunion at public or semi-private spaces, respect others' privacy. Be mindful of people in the background who don’t need to be on your video or photos. Only keep your lens focused on the people you are filming.

Image: DIW-AIgen

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