Apple Decides To Settle Mega Lawsuit Against Its Family Sharing Feature With $25 Million Payout

iPhone maker Apple has opted to settle a lawsuit that alleged that the tech giant misrepresented its family-sharing feature.

Apple was accused of marketing the rollout as one that would share subscriptions for so many apps. But that was far from the reality, causing confusion among those who actually liked to use the endeavor for this purpose.

The Family Sharing offering gave the user and up to five of its different family members the chance to share their entertainment offerings which they purchased. This included television shows, films, apps, and music.

The legal case came in Apple’s direction in the year 2019 and accused the company of misrepresentations which was first published by MacRumors. Now, Apple has opted to settle the matter by jetting out $25 million.

Such a lawsuit also brings to light more on the matter including how the Cupertino firm denied that it falsely marketed or misrepresented anything related to the feature and also how it was not involved in any kind of wrongdoing.

The lawsuit’s settlement noted how the company would no longer be defending itself against the accusations which it deemed to be a huge burden, not to mention the great costs related to this front.

Apple added how it entered into such an agreement and does not by any means feel it is guilty of any act outlined in the case. They continue to deny their role in terms of any wrongdoing and liability of any sort.

For now, the company is refusing to answer the comments regarding this front. As per recently published documents from the court of law, they are alleging how Apple did market Family Sharing as one option on its platforms which didn’t support the feature.

As a whole, the majority of the subscriptions linked to apps continue to grow in figures and these are those that can’t be shared with specific family members as per the document. This means they are up for grabs to those downloading the feature and that would set up a subscription.

But all or nearly all of the platforms did entail statements showing support for Family Sharing on landing pages throughout the start of January 2019.

Such a lawsuit also alleged that Apple was quite aware of apps requiring subscriptions and didn’t provide support for Family Sharing. However, it continued to be willing to put out ads for Family Sharing.

As per the document from the court, millions of users did install the apps assuming incorrectly that they could make use of the feature. But once the payment was made, the reality struck them about how it was no longer available to them.

American residents who were a part of the Family Sharing feature having nearly one other individual from 2015 to 2019 added to the app would be liable to attain payments. Moreover, those who are eligible will get the email on this front by this week.

Every class member who puts out a claim in this regard would attain $30 but it could vary. This all depends upon how many file claims arise as a result of the news.

But it’s been made very clear how payments wouldn’t be huge and would comprise an estimate of $50 for each person designated as a class member. Meanwhile, $10 million of this settlement payout would be allocated under attorney fees.

Those who are eligible have till the start of March in 2024 to make any claims on this front while the final hearing would arise in April of 2024.

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