YouTube Rolls Out Tests For Its Latest Features Including New Short Shuffle Button And AI-Backed Offerings

Popular video-sharing app YouTube is rolling out new tests for the launch of a series of exciting and new features.

For starters, the platform will begin experiments for an innovative shuffle button that when pressed, allows users to go to move on to another random video.

The news was first highlighted by media outlet Android Police who recently blogged about the feature popping up on the bottom right-hand side of the app. After getting pressed, it would play any video after continuing from where the person left off.

For those who might be wondering, the Shuffle feature did already exist on this app before as well but it was in the form of an extension from third parties. The latter would put out both music and content arising from specific creators in any haphazard manner.

Moreover, we’ve seen similar platforms experiment with this feature including streaming giant Netflix but after getting poor responses from users, the idea was removed.

As the deal goes for other features of the app, YouTube says it’s not available for everyone including those that have the tab called experimental features enabled. If you happen to visit the Try New Features heading in the section designated as Settings on the app, you’re only provided with an option that allows AI systems to put out a summary of your comments regarding the content. Therefore, in case it does show up, please remember it’s just random.

This is just another great way by which the platform has opted to combine Shorts into its system. The first one was in the form of a carousel that sat at the height of the button for the main feed. On the other hand, the second one was linked to banners put on the designated YouTube feed. And if that is not enough, you’ll also bear witness to the button allocated as Shorts that are found on the navigation bar.

For a while now, the company has been working hard in terms of competing with a long list of arch-rivals including TikTok and Meta. We saw the popular platform reveal how a whopping 2 billion individuals were logging in to see YouTube Shorts every month starting July of this year. And when compared to TikTok, the average was coming out to be just 1.7 billion users so it’s a clear win for YouTube.

In other news, we’re hearing more about how the app is also rolling out a test for its new range of AI features across the Lab's page. This experiment is designed to better the user’s viewing journey while assisting creators via chats and other tools that summarize the comments section on a particular video.

The first such feature entails conversational tools that can be found on the option outlined as Ask. This is seen on pages where users can watch videos. On the other hand, if you’re residing in the US and have a Premium subscription about what content is playing at the moment or wish to attain recommendations through selective prompts, that too without going through pauses, you’ll see it all. As per the app, AI is needed to carry out discussions through natural means and give out data to assist creators with the whole engagement process, depending on what they happen to be seeing.

The app is also rolling out another experiment that has reached a small figure of individuals and includes the use of generative AI that analyzes and rolls out discussions on certain topics found in your comments section for videos. Therefore, viewers would be able to immediately understand what topics are being talked about while attaining insights on new themes or content simultaneously. Additionally, creators will get control over anything deleted from the comments section.

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