YouTube Looks To Get Ahead Of The AI Wave By Implementing Labels On AI-Content

Popular video-sharing app YouTube is trying its best to get ahead of others in the AI race. And if that means pulling out all the stops in terms of introducing features that inform viewers about AI content, then so be it.

The company published a new blog post that spoke about its plans to keep users updated about when they’re going to run into synthetic videos through the launch of descriptive tags. And all creators must abide by this requirement when producing content on the app.

The feature will come into effect in the next few months and that means disclosing AI-related material is now a major deal on YouTube. Anyone who has edited videos using AI software must also mention which AI tools were used throughout the process so others are aware.

While YouTube claims that any kind of animation generated through AI technology would be fine, a depiction featuring real individuals and events would now have to get tagged, sources added.

If in any case, a creator opts to bypass this rule, they would be penalized and the punishment could be as harsh as their removal from the platform complete suspension from all sorts of monetization activities, or simply having their account suspended if things are on the verge of being extreme.

From the looks of it, this means the severity would be linked to someone detecting the content featured AI but the creator failed to disclose it. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. There would always be this consistent threat of removal arising and that’s a huge deal in terms of persuading many creators to do the right thing and avoid promoting any kind of AI-themed fakes.

While we agree it won’t end up deterring those channels that receive funding from foreign locations every year. But we do feel this is a step in the right direction in terms of giving users greater transparency when it comes to encountering AI-based content online.

The app also mentioned how it would take one extra step forward and add tags to content that’s been created using AI tools.

Additionally, we are also seeing the app include requests for the removal of any content that may have been used by AI software but failed to provide credit to the real owners of the material. And musicians are seemingly included in this ordeal.

We find this to be a unique aspect, especially for musicians as YouTube is reportedly aligning with plenty of record labels to produce more music using generative AI tools but with restrictions.
YouTube has always played an integral role when it comes to discovering music through the app. And that has been a major concern for the platform. Therefore, we can see how this latest process will give rise to another huge step in terms of forcing rules for any kind of violation arising in the future.

But the app is not the first of its kind to take on this major step. We’re seeing tech giants Meta as well as TikTok also put forward tags for any kind of content produced using AI technology. And they’ve been mentioned for so long that the whole idea has to do with greater transparency and also an added dose of clarity for its viewers.

Many experts feel this will become even more integral in the next few years as more and more tools in the domain of AI continue to evolve.

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