X Introduces New Changes To The App Including The Chance To Embed Videos Separate From Posts And New Access Buttons For Its AI Chatbot

Elon Musk’s X app is rolling out a series of changes for the platform and we’ve covered them in detail for you below.

For starters, users will now be served with the option to embed their videos isolated from their posts or to do it together as was seen normally before. In case you’re wondering, the latter is a useful means to better promote the content online through third-party pages and add greater context to blog posts. Moreover, it’s also a great way to avoid too much clutter from popping up across the entire X framing.

But with the positives do come some negatives worth mentioning. This might include reduced exposure for brands on the platform and that is the main reason why the former Twitter app never approved of it to begin with. However, it did put out widgets featuring embedded videos which were used for similar purposes.

With time, Twitter opted to remove that as the app continued its evolution process but for now, there’s no particular reason that can be found in terms of why it was deleted as a whole option. Either way, we’ve got it again so users would have more chances to use the original content across X with the chance to add greater focus for specific video elements.

For now, we are not quite sure why they did not take the chance to get rid of the famous reference of Tweets. But since the app’s rebranding, it appears to have made little effort to filter out tweet terms. Whatever the case may be, 80% fewer things do make sense.

In other news, the company is working on making its AI chatbot dubbed Grok an even more exciting endeavor. We’re not too sure if it’s really going to turn out to be a major feature on the platform but the fact that Musk has sported out huge funds in terms of investments in this innovative tool means it's bound to get a lot more attraction on various places on the app.

X wishes to transform it into something major so that more subscribers can get on board to make use of the premium subscription. For instance, in the past week, we heard more about how Grok would be up for grabs to better comprehend posts taking place in-stream.

To better facilitate things like these, the app is on the lookout to include a new button for the chatbot in the platform’s lower function bar. This would be in place of the present Communities shortcut.

An example was put out by News Daily from X which showed how the feature would be seen at a more prominent location, that is in the center of its bottom tray. That makes it simpler to reach out to the chatbot to analyze content online or help in generating posts.

Meanwhile, there’s also another tab for Grok seen on the app’s sidebar. This gives rise to alternative means of reaching out. For now, it’s just in a trial phase as the firm tries to work out the best location for such options.

Whatever the case may be, seeing it arrive on the central X UI is big news and that means getting greater volumes of content from Musk’s popular AI chatbot, which happens to be trained through real-time chats across X. Still, access to it is going to be limited.

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