Why do you need a knowledge-based chatbot for business?

The competitive digital market requires advanced technology and measures to beat the blocking traffic and increase conversion rates and sales. With millions of users accessing the internet, you can't hire enough HR teams to interact with your flooding inboxes and answer each query.

So, to save your public dealing team costs and not let go of any potential customers, an intelligent way is to deploy a chatbot. This will smoothen up the communication channel, and your customers will get directed to their interested products or services even though no one is attending.

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Chatbots have revolutionized the digital hub, and with the point and faster response rate, businesses are expanding their reach with happier and more satisfied customers at a reduced cost. While chatbots are just automated texts and FAQs, it's time to go a bit higher and use the marvel of AI and machine learning so your customers feel like one-on-one interaction without any team member having to deal with them.

Let us see how a knowledge-based ChatBot is a game changer and helps businesses and their overall sales.

What is a knowledge-based chatbot?

Chatbots are apps or software implemented for text message-based communication with customers. With zero in-person human interaction, customers can get their required information directed toward the page they are looking for in no time. At first, chatbots were merely pre-coded text messages and answers to questions.

But by integrating the company's knowledge base, cataloging it with tags, and using natural language processing features, the chatbot can use AI and machine learning to understand users' questions and provide them with information and other sources directly.

Unlike general chatbots, knowledge-based chatbots are more intelligent and self-learn with time. Also, it will remember the client details, which results in an enhanced user experience.

Why integrate a chatbot with a knowledge base?

Now you must be wondering why integrate your knowledge base with the chatbots. Well, have a look at the below benefits of how ChatInsight ease up your business processing and takes heavy traffic load from the custom care representatives:

Data security

Your data is never used to train any 3rd party AI Models. Besides, you can also restrict bot access with passwords, IP, or domain restrictions to safeguard data.

Faster response

Chatbots are designed for instant communication. Thus, users can get answers to their questions immediately, which lowers the bounce-back rate and will engage them more to generate sales. Implementing a chatbot with ChatInsight will give you very responsive chatbots that won't hang or get slow.

24/7 availability

No customer care team can guarantee that it will be available at every instant in a day, but chatbots are. So there is no need to hire several shifts of workers or wake up to a load of messages in the morning. The chatbots will deal with general queries and other customer issues, and particular tickets will reach customer care for human interaction.

Correct facts

With chatbots integrated with the knowledge base, intelligent chatbots can access the same information no matter how many times or in how many different ways a question will be quoted. This accuracy can vary in human interaction.

Time and cost-saving

Implementing a knowledge-based chatbot like ChatInsight will cut your cost on customer care and save the valuable time of your employees, which can help them to pay attention to other work and business dealings.

Build a customer database for better interaction

Not only will knowledge chatbots provide the customers with the required information or help. But they also gather information from their users, which is maintained in a categorized database and tags so their feeds and accounts can display targeted ads or show products that they might end up buying or are looking for. This strategy optimizes the marketing plan for the business and is super successful in topping up the sales chart.

Independent of employee replacements

With automated communication channels and information management, the servers are independent of employee and replacement, and the business will keep running regardless of anyone leaving the company.

How to Build a Chatbot with ChatInsight?

If you want to build a chatbot for your site, there is no need to hire a programmer or go through complicated coding. With ChatInsight, you can create and deploy a chatbot with an easy-to-use portal. Here are the steps to follow:

• Open the ChatInsignt tool, and in the Bots tab, select the 'New Bot' option

• Now add in the propose, type, and other details about your Bot and create it.

• In the primary setting menu, add images, theme background, etc, of your Bot and the first message.

• In the data source tab, link the knowledge bases or folders, etc, which the bot will access information from. 

• Now select the model as GPT3.5 or 4, and set the temperature to make the bot access information narrowly to the asked question or for broader information retrieval.

• If you want to set some customized rules for your chatbot, you can add them through the prompt window, or else ChatInsight has default instructions set.

Three real-world use cases and success stories

Now, look at some of the stories of clients who used ChatInsight to build chatbots for their sites and pages and boost their sales and marketing game.

a. Sales

With ChatInsight, we built an interactive chatbot for our jewelry site without any code through an easy-to-use chatbot builder and linked it with our database. The chatbot provides our product list and recommends each client's products of interest, and they can also give customized orders.

b. Customer Service

A knowledge-based chatbot built by ChatInsight has enabled our customer care to go above the average. From answering FAQs to providing fast information about shipping and order status, we made our customers feel special. Also, our AI-powered chatbots give optimum attention to each customer, which helps in better reviews and attracts more traffic.

Additionally, the chatbots automatically check each customer's data and offer them deals and discounts based on their previous purchases, which ensures brand loyalty.

c. Marketing

Marketing strategies have never been this targeted. From showing the right ad and products to individual customers to automatically updating them with new promos and products, the marketing plan is solid and needs little or no supervision.

Our monthly sales have increased, and we have more branding without posting ads on pages or hiring a marketing agent.

Final Thoughts

In short, integrating chatbots with knowledge bases can provide more accurate,~ consistent, and efficient customer service, while also providing a basis for bots to learn and improve.

With ChatInsight, you can improve your marketing and sales strategy drastically. So stop waiting and get your hands on this fantastic tool to help you create smarter and more interactive Chatbots that save you money with more incredible conversions. You can try their free 14-day trial and experience its unique features.
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