TikTok’s Vigilance on Video Moderation During Gaza-Israel War

TikTok is standing strong. Critics say it's not doing a good job at checking videos during the big fight between Israel and Gaza. But TikTok said, "We are!" They shared numbers to show how many videos and accounts they got rid of since October 7, when the conflict started.

They took down lots and lots of videos. Over 925,000 just around Hamas-Israel content! And even more all over the world. They also found a lot of fake likes and comments. They had to remove more than 24 million fake accounts. And they deleted 500,000 fake comments about the recent war.

Some users are not happy with TikTok. They think China-based social network is choosing sides by showing more videos from one side of the fight. But TikTok says that's not true. They explained that some people did not understand the numbers right. They even said that in the U.S., more people watched videos supporting Israel than those supporting Palestine.

TikTok is not the only one having a tough time. Meta, which owns Instagram, was criticized for hiding posts about Gaza, though the platform claimed it was just a bug. And X, what we used to call Twitter, is being taken seriously by some big leaders in Europe. They want to make sure X is telling the truth about the fight and not the misinformation content.

So, all these internet platforms are trying to make sure everything is fair. They want to be careful not to hide stuff that should be seen. But content moderation is a hard job. They have to be very careful to get it right.

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