Threads Updates Aim to Regain User Trust with Requested Features like Nuanced Hashtag Use, Account Deletion, and Privacy Controls

Threads seems to be on a mission to win back the love and support of its users after its incredible launch.

The app is rolling out several new updates that the company’s head says users have been requesting since the start. And we’ve covered all of them for you below so let’s take a look!

For starters, anyone on the search for hashtags will now be happy to learn how the platform is following in the footsteps of Twitter with its latest endeavor. As mentioned by social media expert and popular tech researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, the team is putting in more effort for a hashtag launch through the app. And that seems smart as it's the next major way toward exploration of what’s trending in the world of chat.

But wait, let’s not get too excited as these do come with their fair share of limitations.

The picture launched so far regarding the rollout seems to include tag limits as the idea is to prevent any kind of misuse taking place regarding hashtags in terms of 'trendjacking' chats on the platform.

If you happen to be wondering more about what that is, well, it’s a key factor as relayed by Threads' team members who feel the latest addition might counter the useful benefits. Remember, you can always go to the search and look for any topic that’s trending anyway, and it's simpler to attain your fair share of related chats in this manner.

Hence, you don’t actually need these types of hashtags to unveil what content is the latest in design. Similarly, such trending hashtags end up being bombarded with a long list of fraudsters who want nothing but attention on all of the offerings that they market as the next best thing despite being scams.

At the same time, it also increases the chances of explicit content being promoted or those who want their offensive beliefs on display through the app’s content.

The head of Instagram keeps on speaking on this concerning matter linked to hashtags and such problems are really a deterrent for the launch, for so long. This is another reason why the Threads app is yet to include another listing featuring the subheading, ‘Trending Topics’. Meta claims the latter would attract one focus too many in terms of news content seen on the platform.

In other news, we’re hearing more about how the app’s head has opted to share new posts on the platform in terms of better focus related to users' account management and how to ensure privacy is kept maximal at all times.

The feature has been in the pipeline for so long, and one that users have been pouring out requests for too. At the top of the list is the chance to delete your Threads account without worrying about its impact on your Instagram one.

Yes, it’s finally here and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that users will rejoice over the offering for obvious reasons. The update is coming soon and this allows account deletion to be a breeze, as should have been in the past. But we guess all good things take time, right?

Meta says it’s been working on achieving just that since the start of September and it promised it would be coming soon. Thankfully, they’ve stayed true to their promises and we should be seeing it shortly, as confirmed by Mosserri himself.

Last but not least, the app is launching an innovative option for users where they can opt out of sharing their posts on Meta’s other apps, including Facebook and Instagram.

Screenshot: Jorge Cabellero / Threads

See this toggle option is one that was again much needed and was really getting on people’s nerves. It’s almost like signing up for Threads was forcing users to take Meta’s other apps along for the ride too. And not everyone is a fan of that, for obvious reasons.

I mean, we’ve got separate apps for a reason, and not all content deserves to be displayed everywhere. Hence, it’s another major feature we feel will allow users to love and perhaps increase the popularity of the platform.

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