The 36% Secret — Google's Revenue Sharing with Apple Exposed

In a surprising courtroom twist in Washington, a well-kept secret in the tech world was unveiled: Google pays Apple a substantial 36% of its Safari search ad revenue. This unexpected revelation emerged during the testimony of Kevin Murphy, a professor from the University of Chicago. He was there to defend Google in a major antitrust trial.

The moment the information came out, it was like a scene from a suspense movie. Google's chief lawyer, John Schmidtlein, visibly cringed. It was clear that this was not part of their plan.

Imagine a magician accidentally revealing the secret behind a trick during a performance. That's what happened here. Google, a titan in the tech industry, had guarded this secret closely. They argued that making this public would weaken their competitive edge. It's like giving away a secret strategy in a chess game.

Both Google and Apple had kept a lid on this. They feared that revealing the details would disadvantage them in future deals. It's similar to two top chefs hiding their best recipes from each other.

The backdrop of this reveal is the Justice Department's trial against Google. The allegations? Google has been strong-arming its way to maintain market dominance. This trial is peeling back layers on Google's operations. It's like getting a behind-the-scenes look at how a magician performs their tricks.

The disclosure of this Google-Apple financial arrangement is a big deal. It shows us the complex, often hidden world behind our everyday internet use. It's a reminder that behind the simple act of an online search, there's a whole network of intricate deals and negotiations, much like the unseen gears of a well-oiled machine.

Photo: DIW

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