OpenAI Launches Major Innovative Voice Feature To All ChatGPT Users For Free Amid Company Drama

OpenAI may be involved in a major scandal after opting to fire its own CEO but that’s not stopping it from making major head waves in the world of AI.

The company just rolled out a much-needed accessibility feature for ChatGPT and from the looks of it, things do appear to be promising indeed.

We’re talking about a major innovative voice rollout that is being offered for free. Publishing the news on the X platform, ChatGPT’s parent firm says users will now be given the great option to click on their headphones icon so they can use their own voice to communicate on the mobile app. Similarly, they’re also going to be getting a reply that’s audible too.

We first saw the organization give users the chance to send prompts using their own voice and pictures in September but that was solely restricted to those who were paying.

Now, this latest release arises after we see the company’s own workers have trouble accepting the shocking news of former CEO Sam Altman getting the boot without any notice, causing a major uproar in the enterprise.

The backlash that soon followed was huge and many just found it so hard to accept it, vowing to resign if he did not return. Meanwhile, this latest launch also poked fun at OpenAI’s own drama as the demo for the rollout on X had plenty of jokes entailing the whole fiasco that took place over the weekend.

This was revealed last night and entailed the events over the past few days with one example going as far as to display a person requesting ChatGPT for some food as it was a very long night of OpenAI’s drama and it really made them so hungry.

So a query was put forward by one person in the demo requesting the number of large pizzas that needed to be ordered for a staggering audience of 778 people. In case you’re wondering, the latter figure is the same number of people who signed a letter to the board and threatened to resign if the whole board did not quit themselves.

Seeing Sam Altman get fired is beyond shocking as he was loved by the masses and so many members found him to be the best thing at the organization. But the board seemingly failed to agree and claimed that he wasn’t consistent nor was he open about having his communications with them.

After that news broke out, we saw Microsoft’s CEO go the extra mile and invite Altman and the whole team to lead his innovative AI research division at the firm. And while there is no news about Sam Altman accepting the offer, other speculations were hinting toward how he was willing to make it back to OpenAI, provided those involved in his firing decision were indeed removed from the company.

Watching OpenAI’s President also leave his position after the CEO’s firing was another big event. But it was hilarious to see Greg Brockman delineate in bold terms how through X this new offering of ChatGPT is innovative and users must try it out as it’s revolutionary in design and transforms the entire user experience on ChatGPT.

And in case you’re still wondering, as per recently published statements, we know more about how Greg Brockman is also willing to return to his leading position at the firm and not take up the offer given by Microsoft.

What actually happens is surely going to be interesting and until then, we’re just going to have to wait and watch.

Photo: unsplash

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