OpenAI Confirms Its ChatGPT Suffered Periodic Outages Due To A DDoS Attack As Microsoft Limits Employee Access For Security Reasons

OpenAI’s famous chatbot that’s based on AI technology has been suffering a long line of periodic outages recently. The cause for the bizarre behavior that’s affecting ChatGPT was recently outlined to be a DDoS attack.

The sporadic actions impacting ChatGPT arose in the past 24 hours and that’s when users started to complain about access denial. Instead, they received messages talking about how the tool was at its maximal capacity during this moment in time. And for that reason, they could no longer log in or make use of the service.

The owner of OpenAI initially played the blame game on the wide amount of interest that people had for the tool’s latest feature lineup. This was put in the spotlight on Monday during the firm’s high-profile developer event. Therefore, Sam Altman says they were not prepared for such a magnanimous response and it really went over and above what they were expecting.

Then on Wednesday, a new post was generated that spoke about how the problem no longer existed as it was fixed, thanks to its diligent team members working round the clock.

But since then, we’ve heard more about how the organization keeps on updating its report page regarding this problem and currently, the problem is believed to still exist and changes occurring periodically were being observed on the tool as well as its respective API.

This gives a chance to developers to combine ChatGPT into its apps.

The last update made in this regard was even more surprising as OpenAI blamed the crisis of outages of ChatGPT on a DDoS attack, claiming the traffic pattern was a clear delineation of such behavior. For those who might not be aware, an attack of this nature tends to overwhelm the whole online service system and works by generating a shocking figure of requests.

For now, that’s the latest development on the matter and the company is yet to give out any more details regarding the incident nor are they providing any responses to queries about it.

Meanwhile, a long list of messages on Telegram delineated how one top hacktivist group who goes by the name Anonymous Sudan took responsibility for such attacks. But don’t be fooled by the respective name as security experts have outlined its origin to be linked to Russia.

Similarly, OpenAI’s archrival which is Anthropic is also said to have gone through something very similar on its AI-powered chatbot dubbed Claude. And a message highlighted on the app spoke about capacity limitations taking place at an unexpected rate. For this reason, it wouldn’t be able to generate responses to the prompts being given to it by users.

Due to all these actions and behavior, we know more about how software giant Microsoft has decided to limit its workforce from attaining access to ChatGPT, citing more security fears.
But this was done for a brief moment on Thursday when employees couldn’t use the AI service as per a recent update published on the company’s own website.

Remember, this is just a natural plan of action to avoid any kind of security or data breach that could have arisen when news about the suspected DDoS attack broke out. And the fact that the software giant has literally put out investments worth billions on this front, we can understand where the heads of the organization were coming from.

Remember, while Microsoft may be a huge OpenAI investor and ChatGPT entails top-of-the-line guardrails for protection, the webpage still is a service operated by third parties.

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