Musk's Mission: The Real Reason Behind the X/Twitter Takeover

Elon Musk, the guy who's known for electric cars and space rockets, recently bought Twitter and changed it into something called X. Why did he do it? In a discussion with Joe Rogan, a popular podcast guy, Musk shared his reasons.

Musk talked about a "mind virus," which is like a way of thinking he finds concerning. In the past, he's also used the word 'woke' to describe this. In simple words, he's worried that while we're trying to be more understanding and accepting as a society, it might be taking us in the wrong direction.

Joe Rogan, the interviewer, knows a thing or two about facing criticism. Even with a super popular podcast, people have tried to "cancel" him, which means they've tried to silence or boycott him because they don't like his views. Musk thinks this "canceling" is harmful.

Photo: PowerfulJRE / YT

When asked about why he got Twitter, Musk had a strong reply. He felt that Twitter was harming society. He made a comparison to San Francisco's downtown area, which used to be lively but now has a lot of problems like drug use and people without homes. A report from the United Nations also talked about these issues. For Musk, this situation in San Francisco shows the dangers of the "mind virus."

Musk asked Rogan, "What thinking brought us here?"

He believes that before, such ideas would only spread in small areas. But with platforms like Twitter/X, these thoughts now spread everywhere super fast. And Musk thinks this is really bad for us, pointing out how bad things look in places like downtown San Francisco.

Rogan agreed with Musk. He believes this "mind virus" is like a belief system that doesn't want to hear different opinions. He even called it a "death cult." Musk believes some people spread this without realizing it and mentioned that's one big reason he bought Twitter.

But here's the thing: Musk got Twitter to make a difference. He said he doesn't want humanity to end. But so far, no one's sure if buying Twitter has really helped or changed anything.

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