Meta’s Dream Of Monetizing WhatsApp May Come True As Platform Eyes Ads Rollout

Tech giant Meta has been dreaming about generating revenue through its popular messaging app WhatsApp for quite some time now. And by the looks of it, it may finally be a reality.

Facebook and Instagram’s parent firm has always been at the forefront through the many great benefits of messaging. For years, WhatsApp continues to provide millions around the globe with impeccable, safe, and reliable connectivity options. And that in particular includes E2E encryption.

But despite its huge popularity, the app is yet to bring in the revenue that its fellow family members, Instagram, and Facebook can generate, thanks to ads. For most of the ordeal, the company seems to steer clear of ads and things related to it. But things might be changing for the better, Meta adds.

The company’s head recently announced how excluding ads entirely is not part of their agenda and deals and talks are being done to have them included as a part of the messaging service. This was confirmed during talks for a publication that’s based in Brazil where Wll Cathcart mentioned that users won’t be getting such ads inside their inbox.

And that does make sense because the last thing that anyone would ever want is ads popping up and affecting the whole messaging experience. Remember how annoying it is when we have to take a pause when doing something important. So yes, that is definitely a plus point to begin with.

So while the entire messaging experience isn’t going to be impacted, ads aren’t ruled out as a whole, the executive revealed. He did mention how Channels on WhatsApp that seem to be trending as their latest rollout could potentially begin rolling out ads and charging customers for it if they wish to subscribe.

In return, the channel owners would get chances to put out ads across the Channels. But we do know that this is not exactly the first time that we saw tech giant Meta adding or thinking of adding ads to the app.

The thought also arose in 2018 when the firm played with the idea of launching it to the Status tab on the platform. During that period, the whole idea revolved around firm owners getting the chance to stream messages getting rolled out through automated means.

But soon after that, the hype did die down and Meta opted to go back on that notion as the feature raised eyebrows for privacy and security reasons and people were reluctant to even think about that. And a service that promises end-to-end encryption and endangering privacy is unacceptable for obvious reasons, right?

So we saw the shift be relaxed and despite that, the app has still managed to continue with bettering the whole user experience. For instance, this past month, we saw it add changes like more support for users by giving them the chance to use several accounts on similar devices. This was a huge deal in the past month.

Other than that, we saw the rollout of support for a much-anticipated feature called Passkey. This was for all those wishing for an added mode of safety and the betterment of the security of their accounts.

As far as messaging itself is concerned, there were greater options for formatting texts on display and also the allowance of using code blocks. Additionally, voice notes that could be deleted on their own were launched as well as more support for voice notes on Channels.

On its own, Channels is also a big deal for the app as it's the best chance to give users a platform to voice their opinions to bigger audiences. So as you can see, WhatsApp is on a roll!

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