Handful of Companies Hold Sway Over AI's Future Concerning Tech Experts

Top tech executives feel the time has arrived to speak in detail regarding the dominating role of a limited number of firms having too much power over AI development.

Seeing just a handful of companies having this degree of power is baffling and that’s why leading experts in the tech sector feel the time has come to speak on the concerning issue as popular technology starts to evolve with time.

There has been a massive interest in terms of AI since the end of last year and that’s all thanks to the unique manner in which the chatbot can make use of prompts from users to generate replies to any commands being thrown in their direction.

The popularity in this regard has led to the beginning of what so many individuals in the world of tech have deemed to be a massive arms race related to AI. Remember, tech giants like Microsoft as well as Google are trying to do everything to seek and launch their respective AI models. This would need a lot of computing power as they happen to be trained using large figures of data.

For the time being, tech executives feel there just are not enough companies that have the right materials required to produce these big models and allow them to function correctly. Moreover, there’s a stark need to realize that too much power is never good as the chances of it being abused are higher than ever.

There’s just so much concern about the limited number of corporations functioning at this moment in time. They are driven by the likes of profit and end up making some very bad decisions in the end.

As it is, we’ve seen many concerns arise in the past regarding Google and how it was really growing concerned about the potential of AI at the company and how it could be misused for the likes of drone warfare. The news arose when speculations about Google entering into a contract alongside the popular Defense Department arose.

Today, AI is being looked at as a leading technology that is solely restricted by those handling it and these big names have immense power in the corporate world and massive control too.

This is more or less built on resources that a few big tech giants possess which are mostly based in countries like China and the US. They’re doing well in terms of having a massive surveillance ad business model.

This is what provided them with massive computational infrastructure and the right to pull out data from big markets. They can even process the data in the best of ways to develop some great technologies in the view of concerned executives and they’re not wrong or alone in this.

One of the previous owners of the popular LA Dodgers team who happens to run the famous Project Liberty added how the goal is to develop more responsible techniques for developing such technology.

Many experts hold the popular opinion that today, there are just five companies that have all of this data with them and they’re so dominating. And while those were not named, it’s a little bit obvious as to what’s going on here.

Remember, the biggest language models of today have huge figures of data with them and if the right kind of changes are not made right now, it’s literally like you’re saying hello to the game over as there’s no chance of others entering the race.

The rest will all be designated as beneficiaries. Yes, many will come and create small things through these big tech platforms but the main issue has to do with controlling data. Moreover, there are a lot of people who hold a strong opinion about data being in the hands of the big shots who will always be called the winners at the end of the race.

Other executives feel society is being damaged by these big tech firms and AI won’t be making things any better.

Jimmy Wales who founded Wikipedia and Tim Berners who invented the web also were a part of the list of people having serious concerns about AI disrupting space with social media already being a concerning debate.

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