Google's Streaming Champ: YouTube TV Outpaces Competition

YouTube TV is zooming ahead like a rocket, and it seems snagging the NFL Sunday Ticket was a touchdown for Google. This little birdie - okay, a big birdie from BusinessInsider - tells us that from one October to the next, YouTube TV got a whopping 48% more viewers glued to their screens.

People are sticking around for more, too. Imagine half your friends came to your party every weekend, and only a few ever ghosted you - that's YouTube TV's crowd right now.

Back in 2017, YouTube TV was just another channel in the TV universe. Now, it's the cool kid on the block with NFL games every Sunday. And the price tag for this coolness? A big $2 billion a year.

Now, let's talk about YouTube's piggy bank. It’s bursting, thanks to all those ads we love to skip but can't - they made almost $8 billion last quarter alone. Ruth Porat, the big boss of money at Google's parent company, Alphabet, was practically doing cartwheels about it on a call about the company's earnings.

And it's not just the big screens that are getting Google's love. Tablets are suddenly the unsung heroes, keeping YouTube playing in the background while you cook, clean, or doze off on the couch.

The big G’s been coy about whether this info is changing any big plans, but hey, they're jumping back into the tablet pool with something called the Pixel Tablet. Guess they're not giving up the fight against the iPad after all.

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