Google Bard Can Now Understand YouTube Videos And Generate Replies Based On Spoken Words

Google’s AI chatbot is getting a major revamp as the company announced how it’s giving it a great ability to generate responses depending on words spoken in any video on the YouTube app.

The fact that the company is taking such a major step toward expanding the popular extension to comprehend YouTube content is major. This will give many individuals a greater chance to generate more meaningful conversations with the chatbot regarding any topic being displayed.

For now, users were solely provided with the opportunity to an extension inside Bard for their personalized Gmail accounts. But it seems to be getting this new upgrade soon so that anyone requesting for videos through the chatbot can ask Bard to give more information about anything being displayed. So for instance you don’t understand something or are keen on knowing what else is trending regarding something being shown, all of the queries can be thrown in the innovative AI chatbot’s direction.

Let’s say you see a cooking video and you want the chatbot to provide recipes for cakes using olive oil, this may be followed up with another more specific query that happened to pop up in your mind.

You might wish to inquire more about the quantity of eggs needed to make this one being displayed. The world is your playground and there’s no limit at all to what can and can not be asked.

In another case, you can ask the Google-owned chatbot about history videos of any topic and further ask it to summarize it in few key points, such as mentioned in these screenshots:

Google enhances AI chatbot to respond to spoken words in YouTube videos, significantly upgrading its capabilities.

Google's AI chatbot upgrade allows it to interpret and respond to spoken words in any YouTube video effectively.

The fact that users are given the chance to be very specific is definitely news as they’re no longer restricted in terms of doing things on their own when viewing such content. Bard is their new companion with this innovative extension.

The news managed to generate plenty of hype on the X platform and it makes sense as to why that’s happening. People are getting the chance to generate prompts there and then receive a reply immediately for videos.

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