From Fear to Preparedness A Deep Dive into Consumer Attitudes Towards Cyber Threats and AI Misuse

Artificial intelligence is making waves, but it's not all smooth sailing. A big chunk of folks — 82% in a Nationwide survey — are sweating over bad guys using AI for identity theft. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. About 60% are on edge about cyberattacks.

What's got everyone so jittery? For starters, cyberattacks are on the rise — over half the people say so. Then there's the AI factor in these crimes, which worries 54%. And let's not forget, today's hackers are no slouches; 51% are keeping an eye on them.

Now, here's the kicker: despite all this worry, a lot of us aren't ready to handle an attack. Just a third feel they can stop one, and barely more than that think they could recover from one. But, there's a silver lining — more people (45%) are thinking about getting pros to help them bounce back, up from last year.

2022 was a doozy of a year for data breaches in the U.S., with a whopping 422 million folks affected.

When it comes to knowing their cyber foes, people are clued in about phishing, malware, and cyberbullying. But they're not so hot on stuff like digital unemployment fraud or DoS attacks.

Here's the lowdown on personal experiences: 10% have been hit by an attack. The usual suspects? Password theft, malware, and data breaches. Half knew what to do when attacked, and the same number felt it in their wallets. What did they do? Changed passwords, updated security software, and some got ID theft protection. Most keep an eye on their own financial and email accounts.

Now, about cyber insurance — it's not really on everyone's radar yet. Only 15% have it. People either don't know much about it, don't know it's an option, or think it's too pricey.
The FBI's 2022 report had a mixed bag of news. Fewer complaints, but the damage in dollars shot up by nearly half.

With all the tech reliance, AI advances, and cyberattack stories, more people are mulling over cyber insurance. Identity recovery, financial account monitoring, and computer attack protection are all hot topics.

So, what's the big takeaway? Staying safe in the digital world is getting more attention. Nationwide's got this ID theft coverage that's easy on the wallet, showing how this kind of protection is catching on. It's a good idea for everyone to stay informed and explore their options to keep those digital gremlins at bay.

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