EU Tightens Meta’s Ability To Use Personal Data For Targeted Advertising Purposes

EU is making sure social media platforms remain in check and are not making use of users’ personal data for the sake of targeted advertising practices.

The region’s data protection regulatory board mentioned through a statement that was released yesterday how it was taking stern measures against tech giant Meta and barring its apps from making use of personal data for such reasons as advertising.

This new order is designed to put out the right kind of ban on the entire processing for such personal data where apps like Instagram and Facebook are taking advantage of behavioral advertising benefits at the cost of others.

This would be related to barring the apps based on a contract conducted legally with great interest throughout the main European Economic region, the statement published went on to add.

This new order arrives at a time when we are seeing tech giants mention how their app users in this part of the world will also be given the chance to pay a subscription fee and attain the chance to use the Facebook and Instagram apps without any interruptions from ads every month.

The leading tech organization mentioned how it would be allowing people across both the European Union and EEA the chance to attain consent for such behavior and then soon after that, it would put out subscriptions to say yes to such regulatory requirements.

The firm also added how members from the EDPB are getting more aware of these types of consent plans that will arise over weeks. And that means it would be well engaged in a manner that allows them to reach great satisfactory outcomes.

Meta is clearly not happy with the news from the EU and says that it is unfair because it keeps ignoring the fact that such developments are being looked after by the firm’s regulatory team which it praises as being robust and so careful.

The EU says this new decision was taken after it received requests arising from a top data regulating body in Norway. The latter also put out a ban on producing targeted ads for specific users on Meta’s apps after taking their personal data into consideration without any form of consent.

Meanwhile, the new and stern action from the EDPB is also one step forward in terms of forcing data regulators in places like Ireland to conduct operations in various parts of Europe. This is designed to ensure the right steps are taken on the matter in just 14 days while the ban is designed to be enforced as early as one week after that.

Meta was given knowledge of this decision at the start of this week which the company found interesting as it was in the process of making plans to request users for their consent so they could use their personal data and target ads which are often seen whenever apps are used.

But not everything is being sidelined at the moment. We know more about how the EDPB keeps mentioning more about Meta’s proposal and how it’s now relying on the approach of taking consent as a part of a legal contract with the decision being evaluated further.

Tech giant Facebook has nearly 300 million users working around Europe regularly each day and these stats were from last year. This is out of a staggering 2 billion people from all over the world. And let’s not forget how so many Europeans are producing nearly a fifth of the company’s advertising sales.

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