Elon Musk Plans to Bring AI to X

Elon Musk started making his first foray into AI back in March, with the tech mogul hopping on the bandwagon by launching a new start-up dubbed xAI. It turns out that the embattled owner of the platform formerly known as Twitter is set to incorporate the AI his start-up has developed into X, as well as offering it as a stand-alone app.

The first AI model released by xAI is a chatbot named Grok, with all Premium+ subscribers on X gaining access to it on Friday. The start-up has lofty goals, stating that it wants to create AI tools that will help humanity acquire as much knowledge as possible. However, the glut of new AI start-ups and tools may cast some doubts on xAI’s ability to find any degree of success. It will be key for the new start-up to set itself apart, and Musk plans to do that by leveraging the data he can harvest from X.

Musk has often levied criticism against Big Tech’s attempts to create AI, claiming that ChatGPT, Bard and Bing Chat are all prone to massive amounts of censorship. The self-dubbed free speech absolutist plans to make Grok and subsequent chatbots on par with the AI provided by bigger companies. He intends to do this by utilizing the real time data that X can generate, which would potentially give Grok the ability to provide more factual answers rather than them being limited to any specific date.

Photos: Elon Musk / X

It bears mentioning that Musk was one of the original cofounders behind OpenAI, the company most famous for creating ChatGPT which sparked the current AI hype. He stepped down from his position on the board in 2018, approximately 4 years before OpenAI started to take the world by storm.

It appears that Musk is trying to make up for his questionable decision to abandon AI in favor of electric cars and other pursuits, though it remains to be seen whether or not xAI and Grok will be the disruptive forces that Musk claims they can be.

He also plans to integrate xAI into Tesla to some extent, potentially by using his own proprietary AI to boost the average Tesla car’s self driving capabilities. Musk is the latest of many major tech giants to throw their hat into the AI ring, though some are criticizing this as an attempt to generate buzz for his dying social media platform.

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