Elon Musk Announces Major Algorithm Update For X To Better Promote Smaller And Less Known Accounts

Tech giant Elon Musk is speaking about how the X app is preparing for a massive update to be launched soon.

The changes would be linked to the platform’s algorithm and are being designed to help promote smaller accounts on the app, the tech billionaire added.

The announcement came in the form of a recently published post through X by Musk himself, where he referred to it as major news.

Today, the platform’s ‘For You’ newsfeed features a long list of trending endeavors that arise from the huge network featuring all the highlights that users follow. But now, the latest change to the algorithm will ensure posts arising from small or less well-known accounts are also displayed, giving them an equal chance to get noticed.

Such accounts and even their posts will entail all network contacts and links from those working externally or the network outside their usual friends and followers. So in simple terms, this new alteration is designed to highlight the latest accounts to users that are yet to be explored but may serve to be of keen interest to them.

Similarly, it’s going to give creators working on a smaller scale the chance for better success of discovery by users on a larger scale. And that appears to fit directly into the whole plan of Elon Musk who will turn X into a bigger platform for creators to take advantage of.

Since the last few months, we’re seeing the platform which was once called Twitter target content creators by rolling out a wide array of features that it felt would serve as incentives for using X more frequently.

Common examples included the likes of greater support for posts of a longer length. We’re talking character lengths being extended to a whopping 25,000 for those who those with paid subscriptions. Similarly, they could publish videos that were nearly two hours long. Last but not least, they could benefit from the company’s exciting revenue-sharing programs that were driven by ads.

X’s ad revenue program has already handed out a staggering $20 million to its long list of creators on the app as per statements made by the firm’s CEO.

We should be seeing this ‘massive’ update that Musk keeps talking about to X’s algorithm as early as the next couple of days. So from what we’ve gathered so far, it’s going to see smaller accounts attain recognition that they may not have achieved, thanks to being overshadowed by others.

Similarly, users will see more content from places that are external or outside their networks of followers or friends on the app.

Musk also vowed to make the feature open-source while promising to ensure it is enhanced with time, as he always does.

The bigger picture here seems to be giving creators the chance to create bigger audiences on the app and then further making room for monetization of such posts via a combo of advertising revenue shares and more subscriptions. This is where fans may pay for content dubbed exclusive.
Other than that, it hopes to design more features where fans and creators can engage more and connect. This would entail getting more support that allows message requests to the respective creator from their beloved subscriber. Similarly, it includes adding calling features for both videos as well as audio content that may transform X into the next best thing after rival Cameo. So it won’t just have the usual social features attached.

Remember, the changes might seem plenty but they are certainly needed as X has yet to captivate the attention of creators in the manner that it had first envisioned. And when things seem uncertain, change is inevitable. What do you think?

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