Collins Dictionary Names Its Notable Word Of The Year For 2023 And The Result Isn’t Shocking Anyone

Each year, Collins Dictionary puts out a word designated as notable and the results for 2023 are out without causing any sort of shock for everyone.

The infographic of the most happening terms for the year 2023 has gone on to award AI with the honor. And while several other words did come close, they just couldn’t beat this one out for obvious reasons.

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Collins mentioned how there was plenty of debate, describing it as an explosion of words where the right form of scrutiny, as well as prediction, finally let it name this year’s top word. But other than the term AI, we’re hearing more about how Collins ended up shortlisting a few other terms worth mentioning.

This includes the likes of baseball, Nepo Baby, canon events, and even deinfulencing. And don’t be afraid if your spell check has some of these terms highlighted in red as an error because they’re actually real terms.

Moreover, a lot of the terms on this particular list feature some kind of cultural importance for the year 2023. For instance, there are so many influencers that make use of the platform to keep followers warned and two steps away from the likes of lifestyles as well as various products. One such term happens to be greedflation which considers inflation as the real excuse to stop overly praising costs to enhance profits generated by corporate institutions.

So many blogs that we come across in the online world are making lists featuring Nepo babies. The latter is the term reserved for nepotism that describes anyone who doesn’t have much talent and therefore their fame and fortune is all thanks to having parents that are well-known around the world. And it’s sad to say that the example provided is highly offensive as it named top A-list actress of the industry Gwyneth Paltrow as a real example of the term and she did mention how she’s never been a fan of the word either. Hence, this is certainly ironic, to say the least.

Remember, Collins also sent out more information about how there are so many health experts warning against the use of foods that come under the ultra or highly-processed category for this year alone. Meanwhile, words like ULEZ which represents ultra-low emission zones have arisen in the United Kingdom. This is where those from London are forced to either drive vehicles in a manner that sticks to the standards outlined for healthy emissions and if not, they’d be fined big time.

But if there was one term that even Collins found to be weird, it’s the term semaglutide. The latter is a famous drug that we’re hearing about so much, thanks to the showbiz industry as the weight loss fad picks up trend again. And yes, the more common name or commercial one is Ozempic. This helps to lower your blood glucose levels while also working to suppress the human appetite so that people with such issues occurring simultaneously may benefit. But as per the FDA guidelines, it’s safe and has been since the year 2021. The latter made a huge name in the world after its launch and still seems to be doing fairly great.

Whatever the case may be, no one can share the fame that comes with AI that we’ve seen take center stage on an enormous level this year. Moreover, it helps to join the famous Collins Dictionary results from the year 2021 where the notable word of the year went to NFT as both these terms are initials that made the list with a bang.

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