Bing Chat Still Trending, 'Demand Definitely Did Not Go Down', Microsoft Confirms

Microsoft's Bing Chat has not seen a dip in user interest, insists Mikhail Parakhin, head of Advertising and Web Services at the tech giant.

Parakhin, in a X reply, refutes any notion of waning popularity, attributing recent improvements in the platform's performance not to a decrease in user traffic but to significant enhancements in the system. Parakhin highlights the overhaul of the Responsible AI control system and other tweaks that have resulted in a quicker, more seamless user experience.

Parakhin clarified this in response to an inquiry about whether the perceived smoothness of Bing Chat was due to reduced demand or recent optimizations. He confidently replied that demand remains robust and that the platform's increased efficiency is a product of Microsoft's technical refinements.

This statement came amidst whispers of falling interest in Bing Chat. However, when put to the test and questioned directly, Bing Chat seems coy, offering outdated data regarding its demand levels. While boasting a significant partnership with Oracle to enhance AI capabilities, Bing Chat admitted to a stark decline in user engagement compared to its rival, ChatGPT.

Bing Chat's own response to a query about its current popularity delivered a mixed picture with outdated statistics.

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