Apple Wraps Up the Year: Stellar iPhone Sales Amidst a Slowdown

Alright, imagine Apple's money situation like a big fruit stand. Now, their stand is usually jam-packed with people buying all sorts of things, but lately, they've noticed that folks aren't filling their baskets quite as much as before. Sure, their apples (iPhones) and homemade jam (services like the App Store and iCloud) are flying off the shelves, breaking their own selling records even. But the other goodies? Not so much.

In their latest report on how much money they made, Apple said they brought in about $89.5 billion in the latest quarter. That's a lot of apples and jam, but it's actually a tiny bit less than what they made around the same time last year. It's like having a huge day selling their best items, but still making less overall because the other fruits and treats just aren't as popular right now.

But here's the thing: Apple's got some new recipes they're about to share. They've shown off some shiny new M3 chips, which are like secret ingredients to make their computers faster and cooler, and they've got fresh designs for MacBooks and iMacs that people can't buy just yet. They also introduced new iPhone 15s and Apple Watches not too long ago, but those sales haven't really shown up in their money jar yet.

Some of their stuff, like Macs, iPads, and those fancy wrist gadgets, didn't do so hot this time around. They also made a big splash earlier with something called the Vision Pro headset – think super high-tech glasses – but you can't buy them for a while.

Now, with the holiday season coming, where people love to give and get gifts, and with these new gadgets on the way, Apple's probably going to see their fruit stand bustling and their money jar filling up again soon. So, while this report might seem a bit ho-hum, there's a good chance things will pick up for them in the next few months.

Photo: DIW

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