AI Hasn’t Caught Up With Humans Yet In These Key Areas

Most people consider AI to be superior to human beings in practically all walks of life, but Large Language Models like ChatGPT still seem to have a long way to go, at least in some areas. In a recent survey conducted by Bentley University and Gallup, respondents were asked which tasks AI did better than humans, and the results revealed several skills that humans still seem to be better at.

While 38% of survey respondents said that AI was better at customizing online content based on user preferences, 30% stated that it performed about the same. Interestingly, 32% even said that humans did a better job of content customization, and a similar disparity could be seen in product or service recommendation.

Companies like InstaCart have already invested heavily in chat based search engines run by AI that can recommend products to online shoppers, but creator input and affiliate marketing still has a lot of potential. 73% of US respondents stated that AI was either as good as humans or worse, with just 27% saying that it was superior to any extent.

Things start to get even more unequal in other areas, such as assisting students with homework. 26% felt that AI did a better job than humans, but 40% continue to believe that human input is far more valuable. Problem solving is yet another aspect of the user experience that AI might not be quite as good at as many believe, since just 26% of polled users said it’s better and as many as 47% felt that it didn’t live up to their expectations.

Unsurprisingly, not many survey respondents trusted AI when it came to misinformation. 55% would prefer to have a human remove misleading information from their social media profiles, with 27% stating that human and AI performance is equal, and just 19% said that AI was better.

Humans don’t seem to trust AI very much when it comes to critical advice, with 49% saying it wasn’t as good as a human for financial advice, and 62% saying the same about medical advice. Also, despite the self driving car trend, 68% of those polled said that they’d prefer to be driven around by a human than an AI. A similar proportion, 69%, felt that AI wouldn’t be their preferred choice for recommending new employees to hire.

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