YouTube Rolls Out Exciting New Changes For Users Including Lower Eligibility For Its Partner Program And Its First Generative AI Feature

Popular video-sharing app YouTube is rolling out some exciting new updates for its users this week and we’ve listed down everything you need to know below.

For starters, creators are going to be happy to learn that the eligibility criteria for the app’s partner program have been lowered so more users can benefit. And that includes how the feature would no longer be restricted to a limited number of regions.

From today onwards, more than 24 new countries have been added to the list where users can participate and apply for the YPP initiative. But you will need at least 500 subscribers, and three recent uploads, preferably done in the past three months. Another option is three million public views on its Shorts content in the last three months.

The company has noted down the long list of nations that have been included and you can check that out from the YouTube website for eligibility. Therefore, if you happen to reside in these enlisted countries and fulfill all of the eligibility requirements provided, you can start monetizing your content by applying and making the most of fan-funded features like Super Chat and Super Stickers.

But before you get ahead, please double-check if you’re meeting the criteria outlined or not because there’s nothing worse than getting your hopes up when you aren’t even eligible. Also, the company says if you’re living in a country where the feature is yet to be launched or if you don’t meet the requirements outlined, you may still apply and you’ll get a notification. The latter would alert users when they are now eligible.

Next, the app is updating its advertising-friendly guidelines for controversial issues. This highlighted how uploads that may be sensitive to talk about on the platform including abortion and abuse of any kind that doesn’t go into specifics of graphic detailing would now be allowed on the app for advertising revenue purposes.

On the other hand, content linked to eating disorders that promote hazardous behavior like binging, hoarding, or abuse of laxative drugs for weight loss would not be allowed.

Thirdly, the company spoke about the launch of its very first Generative AI feature. This would comprise of a picture-on-picture AI generative feature for the Shorts content on the app. One example includes turning a user’s image into a structure through innovative means.

The app claims it’s a great way to reduce the barriers linked to creative innovative and diverse content. And as you can imagine, participating cannot get simpler than this as you only need to provide a single image.

Now, users located outside of the United Kingdom and European Union can now make the most of this rollout. But we hope to see an expansion in other places soon. Moreover, YouTube says that users can also soon expect to see more similar effects that draw upon Generative AI innovation coming through soon too. Hence, stay tuned.

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