WhatsApp Is Rolling Out Much Needed Chat Privacy Feature and Quick Action Bar

WhatsApp, that trusty companion of late-night secrets and viral videos, is gearing up to unveil a nifty new feature. Soon, you'll be able to cloak your locked chats in secrecy. Yes, you heard it right, your clandestine conversations can be even more covert!

This exciting development comes via the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update, version, available on Google Play Store. The brilliant sleuths at WABetaInfo unearthed this gem. So, what's the deal with this new feature? It’s designed to up your chat privacy game by hiding those locked chats more effectively.

WhatsApp, the widely-used instant messaging platform owned by Meta, is gearing up to launch a new feature that will allow users to hide their locked chats. This update, currently in development, is set to enhance user privacy and experience.  According to reports from WABetaInfo, the upcoming feature to hide locked chats has been discovered in the WhatsApp beta for Android version, available on the Google Play Store. Presently, the list of locked chats is always visible in the chat list if there is at least one secured conversation. This could potentially reveal the presence of confidential chats to anyone with access to the phone.  The new feature will enable users to hide this entry point. They can do so by entering a secret code into the search bar, making the list of locked chats visible only to those who know the code.

At present, the entry point to your locked chats is plain for all to see in your chat list if you've got even one classified convo. Well, the forthcoming update lets you perform some chat magic. After enabling this feature, you can banish that entry point from sight and only reveal it by entering a secret code into the search bar. It’s like having a secret handshake for your chats!

But that's not all, folks! WhatsApp is also showing some love to its business users. With the latest WhatsApp Business beta for Android update, version, also on Google Play Store, they're rolling out a snazzy new quick action bar feature.

WhatsApp is working on enhancing the experience for business users. In the latest WhatsApp Business beta for Android version, also available on the Google Play Store, a quick action bar feature has been introduced for some beta testers.  The quick action bar, represented by a new icon above the microphone button, simplifies various actions for users. It allows them to quickly create orders, access quick replies, and easily send products from their catalog. While these options were previously accessible via the chat attachment menu, the quick action bar streamlines the process, making it more user-friendly and efficient.  This development is a significant step in improving business-customer interactions, ensuring that essential features are readily accessible, and ultimately saving time and effort for businesses using the app.  The quick action bar feature is currently available to select beta testers and will roll out to more users in the coming days.

This feature adds a shiny new icon above the microphone button, making it super convenient for users to perform a slew of actions in a jiffy. You can create orders, access quick replies, and send products from your catalog with ease. These functions were already accessible through the chat attachment menu, but this nifty update makes them more accessible, streamlining interactions with customers.

In conclusion, WhatsApp is stepping up its game with these new features, ensuring your chats stay under wraps while making it a breeze for businesses to engage with customers. So, stay tuned for these exciting updates coming to your WhatsApp soon!

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