US Government Issues Its First Executive Order On AI Which Requires New Safety And Guidance Checks On Its Labor Market

President Joe Biden has just signed the country’s first executive order regarding AI, which is now dubbed to be the first action of this kind to arise regarding the domains of artificial intelligence.

This calls for greater safety protocols in place as well as guidance checks that would ensure the effect of AI on the labor market does not arise without proper regulation.

There have been several reports on this front and how so many law enforcement agencies are releasing alerts regarding how they’d like to apply the right types of law regarding AI and its abuse in today’s time. Moreover, Congress is also being asked to learn about the technology so that it can roll out some more laws on this front. And before you know it, such laws would also be implemented quicker and can hence have a more immediate effect.

And just like all such orders of this nature, they would definitely have an immediate effect in terms of force law as announced on Sunday by the press.

The latest executive order has been broken down for simpler understanding into several components. This includes producing better safety and security protocols by forcing AI firms to share their test results with the government. At the same time, it includes providing the right form of instructions to allow for AI watermarks to be included in content. And it would also give rise to some great cybersecurity programs which would help make AI tools identify the flaws in today’s software systems.

Secondly, it would have to do with giving out the right type of consumer privacy and ensuring protection was in place. This would give rise to the best sort of guideline creation which agencies may use to better gauge privacy techniques related to the world of AI.

Thirdly, the government wants to launch more guidance for landlords as well as those working as federal contractors. This is done to prevent any kind of discrimination from taking place and would give rise to the best sort of practices regarding AI algorithms.

Fourthly, it is designed to generate overall protection for all consumers of today. This has to do with rolling out orders to prevent any harmful means that are linked to sectors like health and education. Furthermore, it would shed light on practices that have to do with how to use and safely dispose of such tools.

Towards the end, the executive order also speaks about how it hopes to show more support for workers and the implications AI can have on the growing job sector, including any disruptions that may arise.

There was also discussion on how grants in the domain of AI research would be provided in such regions as climate change and it would modernize the protocols linked to immigrant workers that display great skill and the right experience for which they’re still present in the country.

Last, but not least, there is a discussion about incorporating AI standards from all over the globe by working by the side of different partners from the global community. This would include producing the right framework for the guidance of different agencies and how AI can be better procured and assist the government with the whole hiring process of its skilled workforce.

Such an order is definitely being noted as one of the strongest ones of its kind in terms of any nation’s government taking a stand for better AI safety. It also shows how committed the US has become in terms of ensuring the country and its citizens remain safe at all times while making the most of this revolutionizing technology.

Photo: The White House

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