Twitter Throws Shade at Bing: Blocks Microsoft's Search Bingbot from Crawling

In a surprising twist in the tech world, Twitter has given Bing Search the cold shoulder., the bustling social media hub, has decided to block Bingbot's access to its content, leaving us all wondering: what's the deal, Twitter?

Mike Ginley, the eagle-eyed internet observer, was quick to spot this intriguing development (which can be confirmed by looking at robots.txt file/page) and shared his thoughts on the matter. He raised an eyebrow, stating, "Twitter blocking Bing is an interesting move..."

Twitter Gives Bing the Cold Shoulder: Blocks Bingbot's Access

The timeline of events dug up by Glenn Gabe reveals that Twitter's blockade of Bingbot is a relatively recent one. Bing's site command ( shows a mere 86,500 Twitter URLs, while Google, on the other hand, boasts a whopping 520 million. Ouch!

The clash of the internet titans: Twitter takes on Bing in the SEO arena. Who will come out on top in this battle of search engines?

This isn't Twitter's first rodeo when it comes to locking horns with search engines. Back in July, Twitter momentarily shunned Google, causing a significant nosedive in Twitter's visibility on the giant search engine. A few days later, Twitter had a change of heart and decided to make amends.

So, what's Twitter's game plan here? Are they trying to avoid Bing Search like the plague? Well, if efficiency is what they seek, perhaps they should give IndexNow a whirl—it might just be the magic solution they've been looking for. One speculation from @DasfNYC is "It may be the only way to prevent feeding LLM servers for OpenAI."

In this epic clash of the internet titans, Twitter and Bing are in the ring. Who will emerge victorious in this SEO showdown? Only time will tell.

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