The Battle of the Feeds: Instagram Takes on TikTok in a New Experiment

Instagram is copying a clever idea from TikTok. They're trying out a new feature called "Nearby" for Stories, as spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi. Basically, it shows you posts from people and businesses near your location. This is similar to what TikTok's Chinese version, "Douyin," does, and it helps local businesses and users connect.

TikTok is also testing something like this, where you can see posts from nearby users. It's a smart move because it can help businesses advertise to people close by. In China, Douyin even started offering services and food delivery through the app. TikTok is probably thinking of doing the same, but first, they want to see if people will use it for ordering food.

Instagram is like, "We see what you're doing, TikTok," and they're trying it too. This could make Instagram more interesting, but they'll have to remind users to adjust their privacy settings to avoid showing their posts to people right next door.

Instagram hasn't said anything official about this test, but it's clear they're watching TikTok closely. These big social media platforms are always competing, and we'll see how this experiment changes things.

In the dynamic realm of social media, Instagram is currently experimenting with a feature known as "Nearby" for Stories. Think of it as the way your smartphone helps you discover nearby restaurants on a map. Instagram's goal is to facilitate connections between local businesses and people in their vicinity, much like TikTok's Chinese counterpart, "Douyin."

Despite Instagram's silence this experiment, it's evident that they're closely monitoring TikTok's moves. The rivalry between these social media behemoths persists, and the outcome of this test is eagerly anticipated.

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