Tech Leaders' 2024 Playbook: Growth, AI, and Franchise Digital Delivery

In the world of tech, 2023 is shaping up to be a year filled with innovation and opportunity. Gartner's recent survey sheds light on the advice for technology leaders, and it's all about growth, collaboration, and operational efficiency.

First things first, the focus is on what needs to be accomplished in the upcoming year. Growth is the buzzword, and it's on everyone's lips, especially CEOs. It's like the New Year's resolution for businesses, except it's about expansion, not hitting the gym.

Productivity, surprisingly, doesn't get much love on the priority list. Maybe tech leaders are onto something we haven't figured out yet. But what's interesting is that the worry over recession has eased, and now it's all about business risks. The tides are changing, my friends.

In this evolving landscape, CIOs have a couple of action items on their to-do list. They need to set the stage for a robust business strategy and paint the AI future that executives can bet on. CEOs are on the hunt for "responsible profitability" and continue their journey into the digital realm.

Digital is like an endless adventure, and companies are just setting sail or barely mid-voyage. As for supply chains, "reglobalization" and talent are hot topics. It's like a plot twist in a business novel.

But, let's not forget that AI is taking center stage in boardroom discussions. CEOs are eyeing it, likely getting help from our AI buddy, ChatGPT. AI is set to make waves, and CIOs are looking at it for growth, not layoffs.

Now, how do tech leaders navigate this exciting world? Studies offer different opinions, but partnering with business leaders investing in digital technology is key. It's like a tech-business convergence—sharing the load and success.

Franchising digital delivery is a buzzword, too. It's about businesses and IT owning the process together. Co-ownership is the secret sauce, leading to better outcomes and reducing risks. It's like turning your business ship into a well-oiled machine.

Now, when it comes to investments, the usual suspects are in the spotlight: cybersecurity, data analytics, cloud platforms, and AI/machine learning. No surprises there. Tech leaders are preparing for a digital revolution.

But how can CIOs contribute to growth? It's all about simplifying the business, finding AI treasures, and exploring new digital opportunities. Think of it as a treasure hunt with a tech twist.

For midsize companies, it's a different ball game. They're focused on operational excellence and looking to integrate their tools. Security vendor consolidation is trending, and the cloud is evolving for them. It's like the midsize companies are the superheroes of operational efficiency.

Feel free to explore the following charts for additional insights:

H/T: GartnerPCMAG

So, 2024 promises to be a year of growth, innovation, and collaboration in the tech world. Get ready for the ride, because it's going to be a wild one!

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