Survey Reveals AI Apps Gaining Traction in Mac Ecosystem

Mac app users are diving headfirst into the world of AI, with a recent report from Setapp revealing some fascinating insights. 42% of Mac users now enjoy AI-infused apps daily, and a whopping 63% find them more beneficial than their non-AI counterparts. Mac application developers are following suit, with 44% having already incorporated AI or machine learning into their software, while 28% are actively working on it.

Setapp conducted a survey that included responses from 1.2K+, mostly U.S.-based, Mac users. While this data doesn't provide a global perspective, it does underscore the keen interest in AI apps among Mac enthusiasts. Notably, popular AI apps like Google's AI Bard and Bing, powered by OpenAI's technology, are gaining traction.

Furthermore, users are embracing AI-powered apps such as TypingMind, Grammarly, Spark, MacWhisper, and MacGPT. These apps leverage AI to enhance the user experience, making them invaluable additions to daily workflows.

Mykola Savin, product lead at Setapp, pointed out how AI is enhancing user assistance and transforming the app experience. As AI steadily integrates into the Mac ecosystem, it becomes an indispensable part of users' daily routines.

This is the first year Setapp delved into AI app adoption, making it hard to gauge the growth in daily AI users. However, given that 42% of users employ AI apps daily out of an average of 51 installed apps on their Mac, it's clear that AI has become a significant component of users' routines.

Moreover, users are also exposed to AI through web browsers, Microsoft and Google Office tools, and Adobe software, which integrates generative AI into various Creative Cloud apps. As Mac users continue to embrace AI, the trend shows no sign of slowing down.

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