Sissie Hsiao: Inside the Bold Future of Google's AI Landscape

Google is under immense pressure as it prepares to unveil Gemini, its highly-anticipated and upgraded large language model, which will compete with OpenAI's GPT-4 version. Google's Bard chatbot has a lot of limitations, however, Gemini is set to understand and generate text, images, and more, with CEO Sundar Pichai hinting at improved planning/understanding capabilities. Sissie Hsiao, Google's VP and general manager of Bard and Google Assistant, stated (via Business Insider) that she has witnessed remarkable feats by Gemini, including creating original images in response to text requests.

This collaboration between DeepMind and Google's Brain unit could redefine Google's narrative, demonstrating its innovative prowess. Hsiao, responsible for products integrating these AI systems, insists the excitement is not mere hype but a tangible reality, acknowledging the fast-paced startup vibe within her team.

Hsiao joined Google in 2006, later heading Google Assistant, emphasizing the need to merge Bard's generative AI with the assistant's utility. This development signals a shift away from voice commands as the primary interface and instead focuses on text, voice, and image interaction. Google's treasure trove of popular apps like Gmail, Docs, and Maps positions it to embed these AI capabilities seamlessly.

Hsiao envisions Bard as a standalone product and an AI infusion into other offerings. Google's ambitions hinge on proving the practical, long-term usefulness of these AI systems, and Assistant with Bard may hold the key. The tech giant is eager to experiment and harness AI's potential, striving to make it genuinely helpful.

As Hsiao aptly summarizes, the emergence of Gemini and its capabilities is akin to "a new magic ingredient showing up," with its full potential yet to be unlocked.

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