OpenAI Asks The Public To Come Up With Realistic Ideas About How Its AI Programs Can Cause A Catastrophe And There Are Rewards Attached

OpenAI is taking a stance against all the doubtful claims associated with the world of artificial intelligence and how it can impact society negatively.

Therefore, the leading tech giant is calling on the public to come forward and express their thoughts on the matter. You can think of it as something similar to a contest that has to do with the public putting forward some intriguing ideas regarding how OpenAI’s offerings may actually lead to absolute catastrophe.

The company vows to reward those reaching the top ten with a cash prize comprising $25k in the form of API credits that can be used to access OpenAI’s different programs.

The company released a statement on this front, mentioning how it wants users to use their creativity and imagination to think that they’ve got all the access in the world to its different programs. Be it DALLE-3, Whisper Transcription, GPT-4V, and more similar models.

So users now have to act like they are malicious actors and hence need to come up with the worst means of how the models could be misused.

If we had to put it simply, it’s like considering what is the worst that may happen if access is provided to the company’s latest programs. Clearly, the first one is generating misinformation or the exploitation of data to produce scams. But that’s old school. The company wants users to think outside the box and come up with more novel ideas that perhaps were overlooked in the past.

Anyone that is keenly interested in this ordeal must come forward and speak on the subject and have their thoughts laid out on the table. All the necessary measures needed to pull this off to perfection must also be listed including a ratio that talks about the feasibility and severity of misuse arising. And in the end, users must also lay down a proper solution that could potentially ward off such threats taking place in the first instance.

OpenAI has added a deadline for the contest to be the end of December so before the year ends, the challenge must be completed if you wish to take part in the contest and receive some kind of acknowledgement.

The company has rolled this out as a component of the Preparedness team which OpenAI plans on rolling out to stop AI programs in the future from serving as a huge danger for all of mankind. The goal of the team seems to be linked to focusing more on creating the right framework that enables proper evaluation, monitoring, and predictions of future dangers related to the frontier systems that deal with AI.

Moreover, the company’s leading members on the team will also at how systems dealing with AI may serve as huge catastrophic risks for different sectors. And in case you have not guessed by now, cybersecurity appears to be at the top of the list.

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