New Survey Says Four Out Of Five Apple Employees Approve Tim Cook’s Decisions As CEO

Tech giant Apple appears to be on a roll as a new rating survey has shown massive approval and popularity of its CEO amongst the company’s employees.

The approval rating survey showed that four out of five employees are more than happy with Tim Cook’s work and decisions as head of the firm. And it’s a massive slap in the face for X where only four out of 100 X employees approve the decisions made by Linda Yaccarino who was recently appointed as CEO of the firm.

But the question is whether or not such decisions are a surprise to us or not. Remember, as far as X is concerned, there are hardly any people left working there. In case you did not know, the workforce figures keep shrinking as the company makes its way to downsize further. Yet, the approval rating is clear proof of how people are not happy.

We do find that it’s slightly greater than the approval ratings observed for Snap where the head Evan Spiegel gets a 3% approval as revealed by this survey. Nevertheless, both leaders happen to be shining stars when you compare them to names in Western Digital as well as Nordstrom. The former and latter got a shocking 0% approval rating from workers.

The report comes forward to us from Blind which talks about a whopping nine million people who are verified as anonymous individuals that are making up the social network. Such results happen to be linked to 13,171 workers in the US who gave out responses in August when requested to provide approval ratings depending on the feedback coming from employees.

As far as Linda Yaccarino is concerned, this is right before the famous X CEO displayed her calmness as well as control during an interview for the recently held Code Conference. And that’s where we saw tech entrepreneur Elon Musk attain a whopping 38% approval in this survey.

Tim Cook who heads Apple faces tough competition in terms of ratings by the CEOs at Walmart, Palo Alto, and even Nvidia. But other than that, he’s leading the pack full throttle. Meanwhile, the front runner of this race happened to be Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang who got the highest approval with a rating of 96%.

We agree that Tim Cook’s 83% ratings aren’t as high as his customer satisfaction statistics which currently stand at 99%. However, the leading CEO of Apple is definitely not coming slow when it comes down to performing well against his archrival peers in the industry.

Moving on, there were some other insightful findings from this survey that showed how other big names in the industry didn’t quite meet the expectations of their own workforce, despite running huge companies in the tech world.

Mark Zuckerberg from Meta only got 45% approval while Satya Nadella from Microsoft got 30% approval. On the other hand, Sundar Pichai from Google attained 26% approval while Andy Jassy from Amazon got just a 10% approval rating.

So as you can imagine, it’s not easy to please the masses and it wouldn’t be wrong to mention how these individuals happen to be a touchy bunch of people to impress with high expectations from those they’re working under.

To help better prove this point, Disney’s Head and very popular figure, Bob Iger only attained a shocking 26% approval from his employees despite being adored by millions around the globe.

So what could the reason behind such low figures be? Well, there are plenty of factors that play a role in such considerations. And we feel workers certainly appreciate things like compensation coming from shares as well as higher company rankings. Meanwhile, no one is a fan of layoffs as it just enhances uncertainty in the field.

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