New Survey Proves Teens Watch More Videos On YouTube Than Netflix

Just when you thought Netflix reigned supreme in terms of viewership popularity amongst the younger lot, here comes a new study to prove otherwise.

The survey carried out in the US delineated how YouTube content is the frontrunner in terms of top video choice for teenagers, surpassing the famous streaming network Netflix as well.

Thanks to Piper Sandler, we’re getting more insights in this regard from the top investment bank that carried out the poll. Moreover, on average, close to 29% of teenage participants mentioned how the majority of their video consumption goes to YouTube and we’re sure Google wouldn’t mind the fabulous reputation.

Meanwhile, it was interesting to see how Netflix lost out for the first time by not a huge majority but still, a minor decrease of two percentage points is a downfall indeed. On the other hand, we saw YouTube rise by one percentage point in terms of time watched.

This data proves to us how streaming businesses are getting super competitive and it also highlights the fact that the popular video-sharing app YouTube is at a dominating position in terms of giving users online video content for free. The latter is definitely true for the younger population than anyone else.

We’re still wondering if this change is an alteration in terms of the consumption habits of the masses because we’re all well aware of how content across apps like YouTube keeps on changing with time. Let us not forget how the competition keeps on increasing as we speak, as mentioned by analysts located at Piper Sandler for this report.

The company is known for rolling out such surveys for the teenage population in America since the year 2011. They like to focus on a wide array of topics including the best brands, snacks, restaurants, and even gadgets across the board. Moreover, this particular survey entailed close to 9000 different teenagers in the US last month and the average age outlined happened to be just a little below the 16-year age bracket.

Moreover, we also have some reports about how investors are better at glancing over how youngsters are spending their money and this would assist in analyzing the major trends taking place in today’s huge economy.

Both YouTube and its arch-rival Netflix have been dominating players for video consumption. Meanwhile, it was Hulu who snitched the third place with a bang, having a share of 7% as per this report. Meanwhile, both Disney+ as well as Prime Video were getting greater timeshare, the study further went on to explain.

Teens indicated how they happened to be spending much less time in places like HBO Max and even regular cable television, which were dominating in the spring season. This again was highlighted in this survey.

Such results do not compare apps like Netflix and YouTube to other leading players in the market like TikTok. However, we do see comparisons drawn to various social media platforms including Snap and Instagram.

This survey also further highlighted how 38% of all teenagers taking part in this study felt TikTok was their ultimate go-to social media app. Meanwhile, it’s Meta’s Instagram that leads the pack in terms of the greatest amount of usage on a monthly basis.

Furthermore, teenagers taking part in this poll by the top investment bank even indicated how they like to spend close to 4.5 hours each day across social media. This happens to be a new finding when you compare it to previous studies as it’s much more than what we have seen in the past.

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