New Study Proves You Can Extend Battery Life Of Your Smartphone And Laptop With A Cheap Piece Of Tape

There’s truly nothing more daunting than having to deal with an electronic device with a limited battery life. Be it your laptop or your smartphone, it’s one of the most annoying things because, in today’s modern world, it’s hard to function without them.

Imagine being at the airport in a foreign country with a phone whose battery just died. Clearly, it’s not a pretty situation to be in. But wait, a new proof that you actually can fix the matter through an affordable and convenient hack.

And that includes replacing the usual tape that covers lithium batteries with another cheaper option.

The study comes to us thanks to researchers at Canada’s Dalhousie University in Halifax. They’ve found a great means of extending battery life for the most important electronics that we make use of on a daily basis.

As per the report, research teams found how the usual PET tape that keeps battery parts in place has the tendency to dissolve. And it’s commonly due to some kind of chemical reaction taking place in the battery which leads to it self-discharging with time.

In case you have charged your battery and you’ve left it idle for a few days, you’ll notice that the battery life has gone down the drain to some extent, if not completely. And as expected, the frustration is on a whole new level altogether. But wait, don’t lose hope.

The fix is simple and it involves replacing PET tape with PP tape in such batteries can prevent it from dissolving. Moreover, the great news is that PP tape costs similar to PET tape so no need to worry about the financial burden that comes into play during the manufacturing process.

Coming down to the benefits, research teams find that battery levels in devices with PP tape were greater than 10%. Meanwhile, devices were self-discharging less with this tape as compared to the classic one.

Clearly, it’s a no-brainer for obvious reasons and it’s not wrong to mention how you can make the switch with ease.

The study was even evaluated by a leading professor from the university’s physics department. They called it something that was really incredible and the fact that all of this detective work was brought into the spotlight now instead of before is worth a mention.

Moreover, it does take some talented individuals to really unravel such a finding, he added, referring to it as something that was super impressive.

To really get down to the bottom of this and recognize connectivity amongst so many other things can really help individuals identify connections amongst other leading things taking place in their necessary electronic devices.

This particular research paper has been published in the famous Natural Materials journal and so far it’s getting positive feedback because it’s like unraveling a mystery that not even scientists have done.

We don’t see how such a change would even require manufacturers to drag their feet in terms of making this change because it’s more than possible. The cost is the main factor that has people talking and in this situation, we’re saying hello to minimal change as it’s the same price point as the usual tape covering lithium-ion batteries.

But again, more research is definitely required and the process of scrutiny has also begun to see how positive the findings are for others who test it out. But if that also goes as planned, it won’t be long before laptop and mobile producers make the tape switch for all products that exist in the market today.

Photo: Unsplash/Amanz

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