Microsoft Enhances Bing AI Services and Moderation System

Microsoft is making major efforts to improve its Bing AI services and provide a more secure and trustworthy online experience. The tech behemoth recently launched a new bug bounty program for its Bing AI services while also trying to improve the moderation mechanism for Bing Image Creator.

Bing AI Services Bug Bounty Program

Microsoft has announced the establishment of a bug bounty program to find and resolve any vulnerabilities in its Bing AI services and applications. This effort compensates developers and security experts for uncovering vulnerabilities and issues, thereby fostering a safer environment for users.

The specific AI services covered by this program encompass a wide range of Microsoft's offerings, including:
  • AI-powered Bing experiences on in various browsers, including Bing Chat, Bing Chat for Enterprise, and Bing Image Creator.
  • AI-powered Bing integration in Microsoft Edge for Windows and in the Microsoft Start Application for iOS and Android.
  • AI-powered Bing integration in the Skype Mobile Application for iOS and Android.
These advancements are the result of considerable investments and insights, which have resulted in numerous key changes, including an upgrade to the vulnerability severity categorization specific to AI services and the establishment of an AI security research competition.

Microsoft has detailed the conditions for developers who want to participate in the Bing AI bug bounty program. Developers must report problems that have not previously been found or reported to Microsoft in order to be eligible for awards. In terms of severity, the reported bug must be classified as Critical or Important. Furthermore, developers or security researchers must offer clear instructions for reproducing the flaw.

Get ready to be rewarded handsomely for your bug-hunting skills! The bug bounty program offers a generous range of payouts, starting from $2,000 and going all the way up to $15,000. The amount you receive will depend on the seriousness of the bug you discover and the quality of your report. Hold on tight because if you come across an exceptional vulnerability and submit an outstanding essay, Microsoft may even grant you an even higher reward. It's time to put your bug-finding prowess to work and reap the benefits!

Microsoft emphasized the importance of engaging with security researchers via bug bounty programs in a blog post, underlining their critical role in the company's holistic approach to safeguarding customers from security threats. Microsoft is thrilled to broaden the scope of our bug bounty initiatives to include AI-powered Bing experiences, highlighting its dedication to security and user safety.

Improvements to Bing Image Creator Moderation System

Microsoft's Bing Image Creator product, which uses AI to generate images, has been chastised for its severe moderation system, which has resulted in a high number of false positives.

Microsoft is actively working to improve the moderation system for Bing Image Creator in response to user input and reports of excessive moderating. The major goal is to improve the system's accuracy and reduce the number of false positives.

Users had noted flaws with the moderation system, such as frequent image blocking, which hampered their ability to use the tool. Microsoft's Mikhail Parakhin recognized the issue and informed users that the exact issue had been identified and was being rectified.

While certain difficulties have been resolved, Microsoft is still working on resolving other persistent issues and fine-tuning the moderation system. Trigger warnings and incorrect picture content detection have been reported by users, requiring Microsoft to take rapid corrective action.

In conclusion, the introduction of the bug bounty program and continuous improvements to the Bing Image Creator moderation system demonstrate Microsoft's commitment to improving the security and user experience of its Bing AI services. These initiatives demonstrate Microsoft's commitment to making the Internet a safer and more reliable place for its users.

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