Meta's Threads Surpasses X in Q3 Downloads: A Deep Dive into DataAI's Latest Insights

Elon Musk and his good friends at X (Twitter) might not be cracking a smile at the latest report from DataAI. In a surprising turn of events, Meta's Twitter clone, Threads, has taken the top spot as the most downloaded app for the quarter three of 2023. This move can be attributed to Meta's clever use of Instagram to boost awareness and simplify the sign-up process, addressing the frustration users had with other X alternatives like Mastodon.

As per Jonathan Briskman, Threads quickly gained momentum, with an astonishing 150 million downloads, outpacing any other app in history. A significant portion of these downloads, 80%, happened in July, Threads' debut month, thanks to its integration with Instagram. August and September saw 25 million and 19.5 million downloads, respectively, as growth slowed after the initial surge.

Uncover why Meta has reasons to be optimistic about Threads' future, even as the app faces changes and competition.

The report also highlights a recent uptick in Threads' downloads in October, elevating the app from number 40 to 20 on the overall download rankings. However, the data covered in the report only goes up to September, leaving the app's current status beyond that period uncertain.

Notably, the report distinguishes between "downloads" and "users." While Threads had over 280 million downloads in Q3, this doesn't translate to 280 million users. Some downloads could be on multiple devices owned by a single individual, while others may have tried the app once and not returned.

Although Meta hasn't disclosed specific data on Threads' active usage, DataAI estimates 135 million global active users on a monthly basis. This suggests around 78 million daily active users, a substantial audience despite the loss of initial popularity. European Union users still can't access the app, so there's room for further growth.

As Threads attracts users who seek alternatives to X due to factors like a focus on paying users and new moderation rules, there's potential for Meta. Elon Musk's influence, with his criticism of mainstream media and journalists, is also contributing to Twitter users making the switch to the Meta alternative.

Beyond Threads, the report explores broader app usage trends, such as the increased time spent in apps, especially in the APAC region. Markets like Indonesia, Thailand, and India have seen users spending more than five hours per day on apps. Latin America is also catching up, with Argentina and Brazil exceeding the five-hour mark. This growth in app usage indicates significant potential in Asian and LATAM markets, even though revenue per user is lower in developing regions.

In conclusion, while Threads has experienced a slowdown in its initial growth, it still offers promise for Meta, especially as Twitter undergoes changes. The report from provides comprehensive insights into app usage trends, in-app spending, games, and emerging patterns, making it a valuable resource for understanding the evolving tech landscape.

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