Meta Makes Way For Its New Paid-Subscription Offering On Instagram To Help Creators And Businesses Get Discovered

Tech giant Meta is working hard to help creators and businesses get a bigger and better name for themselves. And to facilitate this innovative discovery process, the tech giant is working on a new subscription offer that will come with a price tag.

The new feature will be for the Instagram app and will assist users in toggling the main feed in a manner that solely displays posts arising from those who are paying. The same would be the case with Reels, the company added.

The news reached to us through a recently published post by Instagram lead Adam Mosseri showing how they are using this as a new form of control which is designed to assist with the entire discovery process.

As of this moment, the endeavor happens to be a part of a testing phase. This can be utilized by clicking on the app’s logo that’s situated toward the page’s top. And then you’ll find a new third option displayed under tabs such as Following as well as Favorites that comes under the heading of Meta Verified.

The latest subscription offering pays users for their verified blue tick that can be found on apps like Facebook as well as Instagram. Other than that, users will get to benefit from features like better reach as well as enhanced visibility. And if that was already not enough, there will be access that’s solely directed to attaining support for their account, alongside a range of other great features. All of this will be worth a monthly price tag of around $12 or close to $15.

The latest update, when and if gets released, will surely serve as a great incentive for all of those individuals that happen to be curious about jetting out some funds in order to pay their fee to attain verification.

But why would anyone wish to block out all other individuals from popping up against their feed is not something that makes a lot of sense at this moment in time. The latter would definitely be the case if you’d like to cancel accounts designated as bots fake or spam. And in case you did not already know, that happens to be a huge concern of Meta’s team in terms of their premium offer that has to do with account verification.

Let’s not forget how Meta just recently expanded their verification to include accounts belonging to different brands. The fee allocated would be nearly $22 each month for both the Instagram as well as the Facebook apps that are found on the internet. Meanwhile, the price tag allocated for those signing up through their mobile devices will be $28.

And just in case you happen to want to verify your page for the business across both of these apps, the price tag associated with that would be nearly $35 each month.

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