LinkedIn's 'My Network' Update Followed by a Tale of Mixed Reactions

Lindsey Gamble, a social media researcher, highlighted in a recent tweet that LinkedIn had made a significant adjustment by dividing the 'My Network' button into two independent categories: 'Grow' and 'Catch Up.' This change was made to improve the user experience by offering more concentrated material. However, it has elicited a range of emotions from LinkedIn members. Let's go deeper into these replies to get a complete picture of how the community feels about this update.

Lindsey Gamble's tweet showed LinkedIn's restructuring of the 'My Network' tab, introducing two categories: the connection invitation and suggestions of people you may know. Please refrain from saying that you have seen this feature on Facebook.

The Reviews:

However, This new update divided the netizens into two moods: yayy and nayy. Many people found it useless and demanded to pause such notifications. Others, however, seem to have a good time using the new feature.

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One Reddit user voiced dissatisfaction with the "Catch Up" notifications in the LinkedIn iOS app's "My Network" area. With around 10 notifications every hour, they considered these notifications to be invasive and sought strategies to mute them. Because of this problem, the person considered removing the app. Another LinkedIn user shared the same sentiment, indicating their willingness to delete the app because of the disruptive nature of the "Catch Up" notifications. A third member of the LinkedIn community also contemplated deleting the app, emphasizing the adverse impact of the notifications on their experience.

A LinkedIn user focused on the "help them hire for..." function, expressing a desire to block this specific message without affecting other updates. Another LinkedIn user called the new function "horrible" and voiced anger at being unable to turn it off. One LinkedIn user called the function "absolutely ridiculous" and expressed hope that it would be removed in the future. Another person took the dramatic step of deactivating the app and requesting updates on the status of the functionality, demonstrating the level of their unhappiness.

A LinkedIn user expressed strong discontent, deeming the app "unusable" after the update.

The aggregate user replies show a wide range of perspectives and experiences with LinkedIn's recent change. While some people prefer the streamlined approach, others find the "Catch Up" notifications annoying and challenging to manage. These reactions highlight the importance of user customization and notification control in preserving user satisfaction on social media sites. The impact of this improvement on LinkedIn's user base will be widely monitored, as will the platform's response to user input.

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