Google Updates Its Play Protect And Extends Scan Protections To Ward Off Growing Threats

Google is taking some urgent steps to ensure malicious parties are kept well away from its Play Store and Android users.

The news comes after shocking findings proved how so many of them were doing everything in their power to avoid being detected. Therefore, they were searching for means through which they could enter Android devices and inject them with all sorts of trojans and malware.

But the search engine giant has been very active on this front and therefore has opted to respond with a new update for Play Protect and also enhance that one step further to include scan protections.

After downloading apps through means such as sideloading to attain platforms that aren’t seen on Google Play, you’ll notice how Google’s Play Protect conducts a series of checks in real time that are designed to leverage any form of scanning intelligence that might already be present on this front. This includes machine learning on the device and also a glance over any similarity comparisons along the way.

The firm found that all kinds of downloads taking place through messaging platforms are being impacted and that is a new type of technique they’re using in terms of social engineering.

Now, tech giant Google is making the effort to update its Play Protect and also provide real-time scanning. The company mentioned how this is designed to take important signals from such platforms and forward them to the backend so that the right form of evaluation can be done at the code level.

The idea is intended to identify any major threat that can be recognized with ease, thanks to its noticeable features.

A major prompt will come forward after users install apps that never went through such a scan in the past. Moreover, you’ll find users given two options in this regard. One is linked to scanning the app while the other has to do with not installing the app. Whatever the case may be, it will enable unauthorized access to any data provided.

After the whole real-time analysis is done and dusted with, a result will appear for users that provides them with more knowledge in terms of whether or not the application is safe for downloads or if such scans proved that the platform is not your safest bet for online use and can therefore cause harm in the future.

This new type of enhancement can ensure users remain protected at all times against malware that make use of new methodology such as AI so that it’s not detected or cannot be detected.

Today, Play Protect takes immense pride in scanning close to 125 billion platforms on a daily basis and it has the capability of completely disabling applications as a whole.

Meanwhile, this new feature is all set to launch in India soon and we shall also see an expansion on this front in a list of other nations as well, the company mentioned. But for that, you’ll have to wait patiently as it could take months.

We’ll surely update you when that happens so please stay tuned!

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