Google Docs Faces Tough Competition With The Arrival of AI-Powered Zoom Docs

It appears like Google might be getting a little uneasy after hearing about the launch of Zoom’s AI-powered docs initiative.

As experts claim, the famous end-meeting feature could just be the start of some great things for users of the platform, as early as next year.

The company revealed the breakthrough news at its yearly Zoomtopia conference that took place recently. And that’s where the firm seemed to be busy highlighting a long range of updates as well as new launches which are designed to streamline both collaboration as well as a range of hybrid work.

And as you can imagine, the most anticipated reveal had to do with Zoom Docs. The latter is certainly exciting and outlined to be completely powered used AI technology. Similarly, it makes use of cloud documentation that’s integrated into Zoom’s powerful platform with ease.

Thanks to a release sent out to the press, the company’s CEO stressed a new promise to alter the platform with the help of AI capabilities. Moreover, these new types of innovations highlight the firm’s goals to alter the app in a manner that provides seamless human connectivity while solving some serious business-related issues.

At the core of the app, this new initiative called Zoom Docs promises to provide a new platform for collaborative efforts that supports working as a team. Similarly, it would give rise to creating documents as well as making edits of a whole new kind. But we do feel its extreme closeness to the Zoom app separates this venture from all others.

So what exactly can users do on Zoom Docs is a question on plenty of people’s minds. Well, for starters, you can say hello to creating documents of all kinds, adding tables, making edits, and whatnot. And that includes taking part in the activities via usual meetings on Zoom, desktop apps, Zoom Web, and even through a Team Chat. And as one can imagine, it offers huge competition to newcomer Notion.

Such blocks enable users to produce layouts hinted at particular workflows via options such as drag and drop and that does give out direct competition for software and WordPress as well as newsletter champ Mailchimp.

The most innovative option out of them all happens to be Zoom Docs and its use of AI. The AI domain is one that has been trending for some time now and seeing this new venture of the app populate documents using insights to speeden up the creation process is worth a mention. Similarly, it’s going to be hailed for producing accurate summaries of long documents that add ease to users’ lives including accessing information seen through documents.

We first learned at the start of last month how the latest addition to Zoom’s already growing influence was attaining new enhancements. At this point in time, we saw the assistant put out a debut of the latest Zoom Whiteboard. And that’s where it could produce ideas through visual means and also give rise to the organization of a different kind.

The latest AI companion was seen getting meetings and summaries for chats to be used for higher study purposes as well as to assist clients arising from the healthcare sector. And this is what assists in streamlining tasks. Common examples of the latter include generating summaries for long threads and generating automated replies for emails.

This came alongside greater options for scheduling meetings and customized links while working in a collaborative manner through the help of location maps.

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