Google Discover Feed is soon to arrive on the desktop version of

Discover Feed is not new and you know that if you have used Google Search on your mobile. You can see it right below the search box if you’re using Google mobile apps or even on the left pane of the home screen on certain Android devices. The feature provides you with a lot of related content based on your web and app activity.

Recently, MSPoweruser spotted that the Discover Feed gimmick has shown up on selected users’ Google searches on the desktop version and it is functioning the same as on the mobile devices, being displayed right below the search box.

A screenshot published by MSPowerUser. Image: MSPowerUser

All this should be okay because on a desktop browser, you have more screen real estate but many users will argue about it because Google doesn’t provide any methods to disable or customize this feature.

Google is not the only one displaying this form of related searches. The no.2 player in the search game, Bing, has also implemented a similar Discovery option on its desktop version. However, with Bing, you’re allowed to customize the home page and get rid of the news feed if you want to.

If you’re a web publisher and need more details, head over to Google Search Central.
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