Google Begins Testing Ads For Its AI-Powered Search And Among Organic Results

It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that search engine giant Google has been a big fan of pushing paid content. But a new test appears to be underway currently where the company is infiltrating its organic search results as well as AI-powered searches with ads.

The very interesting finding was first spotted by Ahrefs’ Product Advisor Patrick Stox. He noticed how sponsored posts were popping up in places where users' first and third positions of organic searches were highlighted to run.

On that note, he opted to share the news through his X account first and that really got the conversation going. But it did not take long for others to notice the same. And before we knew it, the news of organic results having ads was becoming a norm. Now the question is whether or not this experiment is temporary or if the company is making the effort to give advertisers something they’ve been in search of for so long.

The reason why this news is trending has to do with the mere fact that it might give advertisers plenty of clicks in those locations that Google dubs organic spots. But we do feel it’s not great news for those engaging in the practice of SEO. After all, Google is carrying on with its trend of getting rid of searches done organically for real estate. Similarly, the test might not be great for those who already issue complaints regarding the quality of the results at stake, and in the end, it’s the poor user experience that might be called out for by those having a tough time.

Now is Google really accepting this as a test. The answer is no and yes. And that’s because the firm’s lips seem to be sealed as they aren’t confirming it to be true and are also not denying it to be an experiment. Moreover, the firm’s Ads Liaison failed to dub as a bug so that again is some indication.

They just mentioned how the search engine giant is involved in routine testing and does not have a lot to share with the public at this moment in time.
On the other hand, Google seems to be doing great in terms of its quarterly earnings results that were unveiled yesterday. Yes, the competition is coming in strong across the board and there are plenty of investments being made too as far as including AI in products is concerned.

The advertising business witnessed a massive 11% rise in the past year, giving out an estimate of $44 billion.

But with that being said, people want to know more about what effect the addition of AI is going to have on the company’s main business. Remember, you’ve got to opt in if you want to make the most of the whole Search Generative endeavors by Google which utilize AI. Hence, it makes it all the more difficult to gauge.

We know how the company’s latest earnings call had the CEO speak about the introduction of more tests where advertisers can benefit from expanded client reach while users are carrying out their searches.

Incorporating AI into Google Search seems to be a target of the company right now with goals to convert it into a massive business model with the addition of ads.

But other sectors of the company are also performing great with YouTube pulling in close to $7.9 billion worth of advertisements which again saw a whopping 12% rise from the previous year. Therefore, ads are bringing forward nothing but business.

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